Monday, May 13, 2013

Bonjour!! Another great week! Slowly but surely I'm getting past that
initial cultural shock, which is really good because it allows me to
be more able to focus on the work. Still though it is Africa and
really every day is a new adventure no doubt! I'm getting used to
dealing with the water, food, those things and such.. and have finally
got past the fact that NOTHING here is clean! So that to me is a great
miracle in itself that I have not gotten sick yet with how dirty it is
here! The only thing that I really don't enjoy is hand washing the
clothes! The rumor is true that it leaves sores on your hand so they
hurt pretty bad but hey its all good! Along with that the other thing
to get used to has been having people constantly feeling my skin and
hair.. its pretty entertaining for them no doubt! Its funny because
just like all Africans look the same to us, all white people look the
same to them, so when they see me after seeing other white
missionaries, they get confused on who is who! Luckily though my size
makes me stand out a ton, so they usually can pick us apart! The
weather has been insane as well! I wake up and its 90 degrees:: I go
to sleep and its 90 degrees.. this week though we had an African
rainstorm and no lie got over a foot of water, which I was insanely
grateful for because of how it cooled it down to about 88 degrees!! Ha
This week has also been very well with our investigators, I don't have
a ton of stories with new investigators yet, because a lot of the work
has been in fortifying the church here and establishing the
leadership, because it is so new here, I feel like these people have
already taught me much more than I have taught them! Nowhere could you
find a more happy and loving people than these! So happy and loving
that it is almost a problem, The people are so kind that they accept
all of your invitations and such.. They are people pleaser's so if they
see that it makes you happy then they will say they will do it. For
example many people committed to coming to church, yet we hardly had
any new investigators at Church, which is really tough! So the big
challenge comes in finding those who are most ready to come unto
Christ! We have already found some amazing people here though that are
doing well. Two in specific that have definitely made me much more
thankful for the gospel in my life are Jean, a young boy; and Rebbecca
a middle aged women. Jean is just ten years old yet he is amazingly
interested in the gospel. Usually we don't teach the young kids
without the parents. But one day he approached us, and wanted to know
how we could help him, ever since he hasn't missed church once, and is
reading the Book of Mormon like a champ! The problem is that his
parent wont allow him to be baptised. Its hard to see someone with
such desire not be able to be baptised in the church. I know with time
though that the Lord will help in that situation. With Rebecca she as
well has a strong desire to come to Church and be baptised.. the
problem we found when we visited her though, is that her brother has
been very abusive with her for going to church and such... again
another hard situation, but I know that because she is trying to do
what is right the lord will help! Another big thing that has stood out
is the peoples desire to go to the temple, they want to so bad to be
sealed as families, and are thankful for the opportunity they have to
maybe go once in a lifetime. So living in Utah with temples
everywhere, I now see what a blessing temples really are for us! This
week has been great! And I finally realized that me new name for the
next couple years, will be Yovo, (white man)... but hey its been a
blessing so far with how many people I have found because I a, white!
Ive learned that the Lord blesses us all the time really, but we just
don't notice them, and sometimes take them for granted! But surely its
important to look and see how much the lord really has blessed us!
Sorry if this email is choppy, I'm still getting used to the french
keyboard, but hey that will come with time too! Also I got invited to
come to a members house to kill their cat and eat it with them, so
next week Ill fill you all in on that so pray that goes well! Love and
miss you all!! Elder Oliverson Au revoir!

Sis. Weed recognizing up coming Birthdays at Zone Conference. 

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