Monday, January 27, 2014

Be Kpota

Bonjour!                                                                                                                        01/27/2014

This past week has gone pretty well. We’ve actually been able to get a lot of work done so that’s been nice too. My new companion got here on Tuesday, so I was able to get right to work with him and things have been good. In particular this week has been great in that we were able to have 15 of our lessons with a member accompanying us, which is the most I’ve had for a week, but its the best to see how much the Ward strives to help us as missionaries. We have 3 baptisms coming up this week and a couple the week after, and every single one is the contact of a member, along with that we’ve found a lot of new Amis this past week, and all from the members, they have been the best! In particular there is a member named Abraham, and the guy is incredible. He is getting his papers ready right now for his own mission, but he is already incredibly zealous and loves working with us, and if anything falls through and you need someone to come translate quickly, he’ll give up whatever he’s doing to come help you, its been the best! Its really nice as well also with the new Amis as now we're at the point, where we don’t really have time for all of them, so for now we really have to narrow down who we see each day. My new companion is cool, I love him. He’s only been a member for two years actually and started his mission after his first year as member; right now he is 26 years old. He’s pretty nice though; he was a big rapper in Cote DIvoire before and had a bunch of contracts and such. Either ways the work has been going forward, and it’s been pretty fun.
 This past week I had a weird experience in the middle of a lesson when the Bee Gees came on in a little boutique playing music next to our lesson, then after that came some Rod Stewart, it was difficult but I was still able to stay focused ha-ha. As well this past Sunday I got to see one of our converts give a talk in Sacrament meeting which was really awesome to see, and to see how well he is still progressing. Also in the apartment Elder Haggard got the worst food poisoning I’ve seen in my entire life. Honestly it got me so scared of anything close to that. Not since the first month or so have I realized again how dirty and unsanitary everything here is, but I’ve been completely sure to keep an eye on that this past while and have been taking my doxy, it was terrible! Also it got so hot one of the nights here so we decided to take it to the roof (with my Mosquito net), it was the best night sleep I’ve had yet. Usually the temperature of the room where I sleep is 91ish. On the roof though it got down to 81 degrees, the problem was I was freezing cold all night because of it. It was a good night either way! 
But things are going well here and the Ward is doing good! They really are incredible, and I see a big part of it is due to the incredible Bishop we have here that leads out in everything, its been really nice to have their help, and now in this past week they have found a new building closer to our secteur here in Be Kpota, so that will be much nicer rather than having to go to Tokoin each week. We had a really funny FHE this past Monday night and had some Igname, hands down my favorite food here for sure!
FHE night with some members in the ward.

Me and my Gata
 I’m really looking forward to this next week with the General Authorities coming. It’s been nice having those talks to study as well! At first I was looking at them and wondering how they all applied together, and how they even applied to the work, but after studying you really see how much they apply, and already I see how they’ve helped me see much more how to help our Amis gain faith, and how to help them truly gain a testimony for themselves. One of my best Amis right now is a woman named Akpedze, she was one of our toughest Amis at first, and really wouldn’t keep any commitments, we got her finally to start reading in the Book of Mormon, and its incredible to see the change that happened. Since then though it’s been even better to see the even bigger change she has had. This past week we got to teaching the word of wisdom and chastity, where usually there are a few problems, and I know a while ago there would have been many problems in her case, but as her faith has been strengthened so much in keeping her other commitments, it was like nothing for her to be able to accept keeping those couple commandments. Its the best to help the people understand really why God gives us commandments, because something I’ve seen most is really most people don’t understand why we have commandments, even though it is so clear sometimes. This past week has been full of many blessings though no doubt, in seeing some of the new Amis we have found, and how well the work has gone forward with the new companion has been a huge blessing, and I have for sure seen many prayers answered.
       Something I’ve learned is best to do with some Amis, is to show them how to find the answer and get them started, then let them find it for themselves, and in doing so they gain faith. 
        I’m glad everyone is doing well over there, I love and miss you all a ton and hope all continues to go well, thank you especially for the prayers especially this past little while, I hope they will continue! It’s been tough but I know it will pay off some day! Have a great week and I love you a ton!
Elder Oliverson

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