Monday, February 3, 2014

Elder L. Whitney Clayton, and Elder Vinson

Bonjour!                                                                                                 02/03/2014

This past week has been pretty good! The work is still going along really well too. We had our couple baptisms this past week, and we decided to just do it at our church house rather than going all the way up to the building in Kegue! The only problem was the font hadn’t been used in a while, and as a result the water coming out was pure green... Ha-ha on the Bright side though I had a member do the baptisms for us, so that wasn’t too much of a problem! It was awesome though, and the best part was yesterday as it was testimony meeting, one of our converts that was confirmed the same day gave one of the most powerful and sincere testimonies, its seriously the best to see things like that here! The work is coming along though in the secteur, in big thanks to the great members we have, this is no doubt the most efficient way of doing missionary work, but unfortunately not all the branches and wards here are as developed as this one, so I’m trying to make the most of the time I have in this one. As of right now though we are hoping to have baptisms each week of this month so that will be very fun! This past week has been great though! I had the lesson in District meeting and it ended up being on the importance of using the Book of Mormon like usual:) It was good though! The week was great also in that we got to have our conference with Elder L. Whitney Clayton, and Elder Vinson again. Seriously those are the best things ever. Just when they walk into the room you know there is something special about them, they are the best! It was really cool as well, as Elder Clayton started his little lesson on one subject, as he was quoting a scripture though, he stumbled a little and his wife helped him, as she stopped him, he slowly made a different transition in the lesson to a whole different subject in companions and how we work together, as he was giving that lesson, someone brought him a water bottle, as we was talking again, he looked at the water bottle, and opened up to 2 Nephi 2, and started a whole other lesson on Agency and how to deal with Companions and others, but at the same time respecting their agency, while using an analogy with the water bottle... It was clear that not very much of what he said had he already planned out, but much of it was simply guided by the spirit and inspired. It was seriously incredible to watch, they can really look into your eyes and change the subject like that just off of some feelings or inspiration they have. It was an incredible lesson though, and one of those that motivates you even more. Another cool part was when he was talking about mission presidents and how they choose them. I remember hearing to keep a close eye on your mission president and how him and his wife get along and such, and I as I have done that the whole mission its been incredible to see the example that comes from it. He confirmed though that when they choose presidents that is a big part of it is the relationship of the spouses, as they hope for them to be example to us as to what a celestial marriage should look like. It was funny too because before he started talking about this subject, he called them up to the front, and sure enough they were close and President Weed was holding his wife close at his side, and they looked very in love! Ha-ha, it was awesome to see though and was very true for sure. Along with that, of course at the end Elder Clayton invited us for the question and answer session, he said first off, "no new doctrine will be exposed, We don’t know where the sword of Laban is, I don’t know if Adam had a belly button, and we don’t, I mean I don’t know where the lost tribes are". Ha-ha, but it was still awesome! One of the coolest parts to see, is someone asked the first question, and as we had 3 seventies there they switched off, but for the first question which was pretty tough, he turned around and gave it to his wife... And man, I was blown away, as she was just as spiritually strong as he was if not more!! It was incredible to see her answer and to feel her testimony as well!! I’ve never though much about how strong their wives are as well, but its insane! It really gave me a good perspective on someone I want some day though for sure! He gave a really cool analogy about the gospel and our church as well; he was talking about how Elder Packer was explaining an analogy with our church, in that we are like a piano, with all of its keys... In other churches, they have many of the piano keys, but not all of them, with their keys they can do many great things, and play many beautiful pieces, but not all of them, and because of the lack of their keys, they sometimes play certain keys too much, and as a result that key goes out of tune, and compared it to how certain churches focus too much on certain keys for example the Sabbath day, or the name of God, and as a result it causes many problems. But in our church we have all the keys necessary, and we should never play one key too much. For example a question was regarding the Sabbath, and if it has to be Sunday, and he explained that for example in Hong Kong they have a sacrament meeting each day of the week, because of certain conditions there. But that the important thing is they do it. Yes those things are important, but we should never focus too much and too hard on certain points, and as a result hinder our testimony. In the end of his testimony as well, he testified that one day there will be stakes dotting Togo, which coming from him, was really powerful, and very motivating and comforting for us all as well to hear that. Also this week we had a visit from President in the apartment, and that’s when he gave me the news about the passing of Grandpa Oliverson. It was tough, but I picture him very happy right now as he is in a much better place. No doubt its incredible the knowledge we have of the Plan of Salvation and the comfort that gives. We had a really good talk though, and it was great as always to just talk with President Weed. The work is coming along really well though, and things are good with my companion. He stopped me after one of our planning sessions and sincerely was thanking me for my patience with him, and for how much I have helped him. It really is true that when you treat someone well they will act well, usually, but when you treat them like a bandit, that is how they will act. I’ve done my best with him to love him even with the little things that go on, but it was for sure nice to hear him thank me for the sincere love and such that I have shown him. He’s actually coming along pretty well now, not a ton, but he’s made a lot of progress in just these past couple weeks! So that’s been good. The work is certainly going forward though, and it’s really fun to see it progressing! No doubt a big blessing though at the same time, and for sure you see the Lords hand much in how prepared many of these people are. Thanks for all of the support and prayers as they are certainly being answered!
       Thanks a ton for the letter as always! I love and miss you a ton!
Elder Oliverson

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