Monday, March 24, 2014

Book of Mormon

Bonjour!                                                                                                                         03/24/2014
This past week has been pretty good. Again not a ton new but its been good! We had zone meeting on Tuesday and I got to give the lesson there, so that went pretty well. It took up the entire morning so we weren’t able to get too much done that day. On Thursday I did a split with Elder Rybin so my companion went with Elder Ravelejoana. It was a pretty good day for sure! We both learned a lot from each other, like usual on splits, and it was nice changing things up a bit. Along with that at the end of the day we got to go out to Baguida to do some baptismal interviews, and man, that place... It’s a little section just right out of Lome, and it’s where most of the white Europeans live, and it’s incredible there! We did the interviews at the rented out church building there, and they had grass!! Which was like the most mind blowing thing ever it was so nice! So that was pretty fun. We also had our baptism this week for Ayele, who is the sister of Espoir, who was baptized earlier this month, so that was really nice! She was the last one in the family that hadn’t been baptized, and the hardest for sure. But she’s there now, so I’m really happy for that family for sure now. 
I’ve loved it here, and I’m glad things are still going as well as they are. The members are still great at usual. I will really miss them when I leave! We’ve also found some pretty good new Amis. One that was really cool, was one day as Koko, our new convert was walking down the road, he was walking with his Book of Mormon, and someone who had been talking to the missionaries before, but moved, stopped him and mentioned they had known the missionaries before, and wanted us to come keep teach them. So Koko has helped us get restarted with this person, so I’m hoping that will go well! I thought that wasn’t just by chance that he had walked past this person carrying his Book of Mormon. So that was pretty cool!
 We have a lot of great Amis right now, and most of them are keeping their commitments so they are doing pretty well. That is one of the things I love most with commitments, is yes, we ask if people are reading the Book of Mormon, or keeping the word of wisdom, to see if they are. But really you can see a big difference already when they are doing these things. So really you can usually see whether or not they are keeping the commitments, in how they’re progressing without even asking, but its good to ask to help them be accountable. 
 We had another random rainstorm that hit us last night. I don’t know why but I swear they always come in the night. Either way I had to sleep with mist hitting me in the face. Ha-ha, because with the windows here, they are like glass shutters. So there is no way of completely sealing them off, because it is so hot, there is no way you could do that. So yeah water always finds its way into the house, but it was cool, so that made it not too bad! Ha-ha, but yeah, all is going pretty well here!
            Thanks a ton for the letter and also for the prayers and support! The prayers are much needed right now so thank you for those! I hope all goes well for you this next week, I love and miss you all a ton!!
Elder Oliverson

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