Monday, April 7, 2014

New Companion

Bonjour!                                                                                                                         04/07/2014

Things are going pretty well here in Africa. It has been really nice this past week working with Elder Derou, we teach really well together, so things have been going good! We’ve got some really good Amis right now, and the best members as well! I love visiting with the members here, and our recent converts. For example this past week we were out in the morning, after our 45-minute walk to the secteur. And we had an Ami that wasn’t at his house, there were clouds coming in and you could see that it was about to come down hard. I was trying to get another lesson in before it started but it came fast. Ha-ha, luckily as there are so many members around they’ll pull you in from the rain, so we took cover with a member who has a boutique named Benedicte, and had a really good lesson with her. She’s struggling a little bit with a wayward child, so we tried to share some scriptures to help. One in particular I love for that is the story of Enos. You see that his dad was Jacob, and his grandfather was Lehi, so I’m sure he was well raised in the church, yet he still sinned, and had sins that needed repenting, years after he had left them. And you see that it was because he remembered the words of his father, and others that helped him get back on track by repentance. So the point we tried to get out, is just keep doing the best you can, and love them, and even if the results don’t come right away, the efforts aren’t useless. 
The work is still going forward though, we had our baptism for Joseph this past week, and it went really well. This next week we have our baptism for our ami, Erik. He’s seriously been the best, he was a contact from a member, and is one of the most sincere and humble people I have found here. He is one of the first people at church every week, and is already very devoted. He wanted to be baptized the first week we started the lessons, but we had to finish the lessons with him, and he had to come to church first. But he is no doubt someone who was very ready for the gospel. There is definitely no lack of people to teach in this secteur as we have many good Amis, and a ton of recent converts, so the work is going forward! 
I like my new companion as well so that’s been good, he has one of the closest to American sense of humor, so we get along really well, that’s been pretty nice! Also this past week I started taking parasite pills again.... and as I think I have lost all of the weight I’m going to, I got my pants made smaller so they actually fit me now:) so I’m no longer a 36, but now a 34, and along with that my legs are like half there size. Ha-ha but its been nice having pants that fit again! The people here like me skinny though, and say that I was fat before, so I guess it’s a self esteem booster;) they say I have the body of Ronaldo, so I was pretty happy. Then I remembered he was a soccer player, and was a little offended... it will come back quickly though when I get back to America!! We got a lot of new missionaries this past week so that was really fun as well, as we had a little soccer and basketball activity today. Basketball was really fun, but then someone invited that member that is on the national team, and he’s like 7 foot something, and then it wasn’t very fun anymore as I was the one that had to guard him. All in all it was still a good time though! Ha-ha, but yeah things are going really well in Africa, the work is going along well, and the people are great here!!

                     I love and miss you all a ton! Thanks a ton for all of the support!
Elder Oliverson

Baptism of Joseph

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