Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seeing the Christ like virtues she’s developing living the gospel.

Bonjour!                                                                                                                    10/04/2014
Sorry again for no letter last week, as the connection has been down for us. Its back though finally as some Nigerian guy from the church came and fixed it! Things have been pretty good for us these past couple weeks, but we’ve been super busy as usual. Last week we had the big mission conference that President organized in hopes of getting everyone to commit to being more obedient, so that was really good. Most of the reaction from people was why didn’t we have this along time ago, so it went really well, and I’m thinking that it will start to catch on a lot more, as we have so many new missionaries getting in, it will get a bit of a fresh start. It was a really good conference as well as I really want to see what more I can do better and improve upon to finish the last part of the mission well. 
Last weekend we had some late nights when I got a call from President while in bed asking us to take a missionary to the hospital, as he was becoming super sick. So that took up a lot of our Saturday and Sunday. It ended up not being malaria though, but just really bad food poisoning. I will say though it looked pretty rough. Ha-ha, it also reminded me of how much I don’t want to have to spend a night in a hospital here. 
This past week President left to Togo for interviews so we’ve been holding down the fort once again which is always fun. Things are going well with our secteur also. Honestly though the past few weeks we’ve been so busy we haven’t been able to get a ton done in the secteur. Still though our Amis are coming along pretty well. We're still working hard on getting the marriage done for Rebecca’s family we have been teaching for a while now. The problem is there is so much paperwork needed that people don’t have here to do that. So they’ve been holding out still. We’ve still been working a lot on helping them center the family on the gospel though, and it’s coming along well. It’s been really great to see them striving to apply the gospel principles in the family, and in their lives. For example this past week on Sunday Rebecca the mom, found out that we had taken a missionary to the hospital, as he was sick. So when she got home from church she went and prepared a meal for him, then called us to come take her to the hospital to give it too him. I didn’t even think about doing that at all, so it was a really cool experience for me seeing the Christ like virtues she’s developing living the gospel. Its nice having them as a whole family as it seems to push them to do more, and to be more motivated. Every day when I stop by she has read an entire chapter of gospel principles with all the scriptures in them, and then gives me a lesson on what she has learned for the day. It is really cool to see how self-sufficient they are now in the gospel. We had a cool experience with them this last week. at the start of the week when me and my comp were planning for them, we were thinking about trying to have a fast with them in hopes of being able to move the marriage along faster. Later that week before we even could ask, Rebecca asked us if we could fast with them as they have this problem. We were a little surprised but were happy seeing their faith that way. So later that week we had a fast for a day, and ended it all together. At the end we took them to go visit another member from the Fidjrossee Branch. We had a good time talking to him as he was the old branch president and is an amazing guy. When he came to find out what the problem was holding them back from the marriage and baptism being the paperwork, he explained that his son had the same problem when he was trying to get his paperwork to go on the mission, so they found some guy in Porto Novo that could help him get the paperwork quickly to be able to leave on the mission. He said that he could surely help us in being able to get that together quickly so they could get baptized soon. It almost seemed too good to be true, but we could see it was a blessing coming from all the prayers and fasting so that they could get married and baptized faster. Things are going great here though, and the time is flying by! The work is still the greatest as well, and we're hoping to be able to get more out in the secteur, as President will be back this week. I hope all is well there though and I love and miss you all a ton!

                                              Elder Oliverson

This cool 
Ghanaian rasta guy that comes to our branch now. he's a member:)

Tried out the car the baby on the back thing like they do here. I realized it doesnt really work for me, because you kind of need a belly to be able to do it because it holds up the wrap, as you can see the Child wasn't  much of a fan.

Our hospital visit with Elder Mejean

Check out his shirt ha-ha :)

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