Monday, June 24, 2013

Bonjour! Another good week in Africa! The work is still great and not a ton of new stuff though! This next week coming us is when we will have our baptisms this month so I'm really looking forward to that! All of our investigators are doing great as well! Our four business men are still golden as ever and are preparing a ton for their baptisms. They have all had pretty rough pasts and have had to make some huge changes in their habits and such to be baptised, so its amazing to see that this conversion and desire to follow Christ, is helping them change completely around! In fact two of them Ambrose and Gilbert are getting married as part of the prep for the baptism, so we have been getting that all organized, which is definitely not easy but way worth it! We might have to push their baptisms back a week if we cant have the marriage done before, but that's not too bad.. Its definitely a big boost for the starting the new branches here to have new potential priesthood holders join the church! So all round this is a huge blessing for them and to the church and awesome to watch! Another ami Crystelle who is getting baptized this week is also doing great! She has had some trouble lately leaving her past church and all of the dancing and singing and such to join ours, but hey she decided to make the sacrifice so shes doing great! Haha a lot of people are a little disappointed to find we don't have all the dancing and singing in church, but they feel the spirit when  they come and realize why so that's always good! Our branch is also doing very well here in Gbegamey! With our new leaders and having a lot of new converts coming in its really fun to see how fast it is progressing! I was way excited this week as we had a couple new missionary aged young men join the church, and are already some amazing members, I love working with them and hearing how bad they want to serve missions and how they're already getting ready! To be honest was a little ashamed with myself to see how much better they're preparing and working to get ready than I was! But its definitely a huge thing to have people here from Benin already starting to get ready to serve their own missions! So the work is great! The problem still isn't in finding people, because everyone here wants to here the message, its just finding the most ready people! Its the best though as we are always teaching and always busy! The food is getting better, its still hot though, I'm pretty sure that one wont change! We did have a huge miracle no doubt this past week though! Definitely one I wont forget either as well.. This past Tuesday my companion and I and the A.P's got to go to the marriage of one of the new members here in our branch. The wedding all went great and we were just leaving with the A.P's to go eat afterwards, as we were driving back through Mentontin to go eat, things were all good and we were just driving on a busy road as usual, all of the sudden though a moto came up from behind going way to fast (not a surprise here) he tried to get around us on the side but we had another moto on the side of us, so as he went to pass, he slammed on his breaks and slipped, then slamming into the side of our truck and going under it.. No doubt right then I knew for sure it wasn't good, and when I looked back to just see him back on the ground, Ill be honest to say I though for sure he was gone, Elder Poll though said it was the moto we had run over so I knew we were good there.. The problem was though that there was an angry crowd there thinking that we had ran into that guy, and here with there not being much justice, we had to keep going, a little farther down though, three more motos came from behind and blocked us off from passing, along with that they had one of the police guys with them, I could already tell things weren't good, so Elder Owusu got outside being African, so he was fine doing so, and was working to explain what happened as the angry group were trying to get us arrested so they could get money or something out of us, the cops were ordering the other A.P out of the car as well, but before he got out he was able to get a call off to the Commissioner of police in Cotonou, and the assistant of him, that's where the miracle came in, that just a couple months ago he had baptized both the assistant to the commissioner, and commissioner of police here, and they both happened to be close by in Menontin... definitely a huge blessing! So after that he got out to deal with the crowd, and luckily the police were keeping things under control in a way from getting worse, but things were definitely leaning on the side of the angry group,  things just kept getting worse with that situation.. and just at the right time when the police were starting to get heated, the commissioner and mayor showed up to work the whole situation out for us.. We finally after an hour or two had gotten the whole situation straightened out and were back off on our way... definitely a quiet ride back till Elder Poll said... ¨Well I think its safe to say were blessed!!¨ and that's very true! Haha definitely hoping that one doesn't happen again though! Other than that the week has been good! I finally had the p├áte rouge which is much better than just the regular fufu, because it has flavor in it so that was pretty nice! I'm also still finding a ton more fruit and better foods, so were doing good in that area! We've had water also for the past two days so were doing fine there as well! Haha this work is the definitely the best though, and even when things get super tough just with being in Africa, the people are what make it great! They have no doubt taught me a ton in how to have real happiness! And its even better because we have the chance to even increase on that happiness with giving them the gospel! I love and miss you all and hope you re all enjoying America! Have a great next week!

These are the two business men we have been teaching Ambrose and Gilbert!! 
Elder Mundu & me. He is leaving in a week. He's Congolese and actually is really educated!! He wants to go to BYU after the mission. 

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