Monday, June 3, 2013

Another great week! This one was a pretty exciting one too! The work was great, and it just continues to get better and better each day. The language is coming much better now, and is now doubt like our mission president explained, like being in a pressure cooker.. Being with only french speakers 24/7 and rarely getting the opportunity to speak to an English speaker is insanely tough, but I can see that I learn much much faster so what a blessing that is! Its still hot as ever but it did cool down to about 88 this week so I felt blessed there! I'm getting much more used to that though! I'm getting much more African in general id say too so hey that's not too bad! a little skinnier and darker every day, so hopefully one day I wont have to be the "Yovo"!! I hoping! I got a haircut today from my coiffure, which I'm becoming a regular at... because he has no clue what do do with white person hair I get the sweet lined up job, and hey that helps me fit in more too! Sorry I forgot to report on the cat, the cat was actually not too bad.. It was just like another meat and really wasn't too crazy Ill be honest! I have had some other pretty interesting things this past week that I had no clue, and really they were actually pretty good! The foods that I have learned that are the hardest to keep down are the weird combinations they make up here.. Like potatoes and milk? Or corn mixed with coconut?.. But hey its all good and I do my best to eat it with a smile because they watch you closely haha. I got the chance to split with another Yovo "Elder Langouet" from France, so how crazy that was to see two Yovo's at the same time here in Africa! I'm used to standing out insane but when two white people are together it was double the craziness! We also attracted some of the stranger people here for some reason.. For example on our way home we ran into a "wizard" or at least I think that is what he was.. He had a wand and had a couple screws loose for sure, but he was trying to talk to us in Fant, which we obviously don't speak, and then got frustrated and started trying to cast spells on us and started to freak us out a little bit, he then started pulling some weird wizard stuff out of his bag, and that's when we started to try to get away, as we did he ended up following, so it turned real fast into a foot race, and he no doubt wasn't giving up! We continued towards our place, and for some reason there was a little military blockade.(or in other words three random soldiers with machine guns in the road) which I'm not sure why they were there still?. Luckily this scared our wizard friend so we lost him, but then ran into the problem with the blockade, after trying to get past, I was pretty sure they were going to take advantage of the situation of having two white people and get money before we could get past. It started to get pretty sketchy for a while, but for some reason I didn't really get worried and felt pretty safe! I showed my passport as asked and we continued to talk, then one of them saw our name tag and the name Jesus Christ caught all their interest, slowly the conversation started to lead more and more into the gospel and we ended up giving them a couple brochures about the Restoration and inviting them to come to church with us this next Sunday, then we had some friendly handshakes and off we went on our way! No doubt I felt very blessed in that situation and knew that the Lord was looking out for us missionaries! Our ami's are definitely progressing very well too! We have some amazing investigators who have shared some amazing stories about why they continued talking to us! One big blessing we received this week came while we were doing OVB or tracking.. We rarely do this and usually it is just once a week, because we are usually teaching all the day. But this day we were tracking through some streets and it was pouring rain, for some reason when it rains here everything shuts down, people this that because of the rain that they cant do anything, for they explain they cant talk with us because it is raining, a little confusing but that's the case. We were going about and for some reason weren't having many promptings on where we should go, we were wondering what was wrong but continued to go, we continued going straight till we got to the end of the road, and turned back around a little discouraged, then out of  no where a group of 5 men under a patio called us over to take cover from the rain. What a great chance this was for us! We started off with a little small talk, then began sharing our message, the men were unbelievable prepared for our message asking amazing questions for example if Christ was baptized by immersion why was I baptized with the sprinkling of water? Really who asks that question, they were all very prepared for our message of the restoration and after teaching about the Book of Mormon they all asked for the books, and of course we gave them! Its not every day you have people begging you for the Book of Mormon here! But he gave them set up our next appointment and left! Sunday though all those men were at church with their Books of Mormon, and were just as happy as could be! After having the book for just 3 days one of them was already half way through Alma! This no doubt is huge here to have five men all of which have families who are progressing with our message and amazing for us to see how the Lord has prepared them! Another awesome chance we had this week was the our little visit with Elder Dickson, just being in his presence no doubt you knew he was called of the Lord! I as way excited for the visit and it was the best, I did find out after though that Elder Uchdorf was supposed to accompany him this visit... and after hearing that was a little disappointed Ill be honest! Haha but hey it was still an unbelievable experience to meet with him!! The spirit was so unbelievably strong just being around him so that was great! He really stressed that we need to focus more now on strengthening the foundation that we have set up here and fortifying the priesthood, because the growth is so rapid, it is hard for the organization and the church in general to keep up. So working more with the priesthood and establishing that and working with the members has been a big focus for us this past while. These people are the best though no doubt, and when I say they're the happiest they really are!! When they receive the truth its amazing to see how much they cherish it! They have taught me a ton in that area no doubt! So overall things in Africa are great! And the Lords work is going along! I also got a little humbled this week talking to Elder Gray who is in Cococoji, the one area farthest outside of Cotonou, and finding out he has been without water for the past 24 days and has been pulling from the well which is a ways away, haha after complaining about my every other week without water Ive definitely become much more thankful in that area! Hope all is well in the U.S of A, Love and miss you all! Elder Oliverson

Guard Monkey(Baboon)

I didn't dare get any closer to that monkey.. It was a fiesty one for sure!  
A member invited me to come eat! Honestly I have no clue what that is?????
Not your average house dog.. ha-ha Hyene! 

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