Monday, August 5, 2013

 I’m super short on time!! Things are going great! Once again we’ve been working incredibly hard and have had a good time seeing it pay off! Our ami's are continuing to progress well, in exception of a few, due to marriages, which is no doubt the biggest problem here! It’s coming along though! We have baptisms this Saturday, with Gladise and here two kids! So I’m really looking forward to that! They’ve been really hard to teach because they hardly speak French, but they’ve all progressed really well! Another one of our cool experiences that actually happened a while ago has been with our ami Maximellean. Our first lesson with her, we were talking, and she was expressing some family problems she was having, my companion decided to read a story in Alma from the Book of Mormon, thinking the missionaries before had already explained it to her, which they hadn’t. She’s a strong catholic so we were a little worried, but we went along with the story and how she could apply that in her life. We finished the little lesson, and she went crazy asking what this amazing book was and how she could get one. We explained she could get one if she came to church with us that Sunday. Sure enough she was there, and since then hasn’t missed a single week! She’s been an amazing ami, and is now getting baptized on the 17th! So I’m super excited for that! My comp has taught me so much on using the Book of Mormon, and how important that really is, which I’ve seen clearly!! When you know how to use that your success goes up drastically in all areas its crazy!! But yeah the ami's are coming along very well! Sorry I am short on time, I will try to keep you all updated the next week! But yeah! We also, today, found out that this whole time we have had a zoo, just behind our apartment. So we decided to go check that out today! Man. it was a little shady kind of thing, it was back in this little parcel area, which I can see why no one knows about it. But coolest zoo I’ve ever been too!! They had monkeys everywhere, and a couple huge baboons, caged up though... But I got to feed one, no doubt one of the scariest things ever! Ha-ha, after that we found all of their crocodiles and alligators, which were all just behind a couple of bars... it was crazy. In the corner there was a full-grown adult lion... I legitimately could have pet it through the bars, but I chose not too... the lion wasn’t doing much in its little cage, and the guy who owns the place got a stick and started slapping the lion with it... That is something I’ll never forget is how mad that lion got... I was only feet away as it went absolutely crazy, and I legitimately thought that we were going to die... Seriously never have I been to a zoo like that. Ha-ha, but definitely the coolest one I’ve ever been too! But yeah the work is great, and the branch is coming along really well!! But yeah things are going great and the work is really fun!! Its much more fun now to with how far along the French is!! But yeah I love my comp. Its awesome how much I’ve learned from him. We had zone conference on Friday, and that was really good! The last big one was my first week here, so it’s good to see how far I’ve progressed. It’s crazy though too! But yeah the branch is doing great, its incredibly tough with that though at the same time! It’s going well though! For example, we had a lady bear her testimony about her husband who is a priesthood holder giving her a blessing. Which is great, till she mentioned that he’d put the oil in her mouth. Just things like that are some of the tough stuff to deal with! Ha-ha sorry again though I’m incredibly short on time today! I will for sure get caught up next week! Same with pictures! I love and miss you all!
Thanks again for everything! Elder Oliverson

                                                          I found a Snake

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