Monday, August 19, 2013


I’m really sorry but my time is short today because today we went to Ouidah (place where they sent off the slaves, and the voodoo capital) with the Zone, and the APs, and didn’t get back till not too long ago so I’m short on time today! But yeah we were involved with a day of service that was really cool! The best part was I got the machete for a solid hour! It was the best! But yeah, so it was the day of service for our district, so we went and cleaned those grounds of one of the government buildings, it was national televised too so that was really cool and helpful! I got on Benin national television sharpening my machete!! I think because they thought it was crazy that a white guy had a machete, but yeah it was really cool! I was in heaven with that machete. It was the best! It was really fun too; it was tough no doubt though. In the U.S we would’ve finished that job with a tractor in 30 minutes or so, but we had to clear the field with machetes... its crazy how well the Africans work with those, we didn’t know what we were doing! It was really cool though, and we had a really good turnout I thought! Presidents son was in visiting as well, so he was there with his two sons as well, it was crazy seeing white kids! I got a haircut that is not good, for sure didn’t want them to do that to my hair, but they messed it up, so there is nothing more that I could do, it’s happened to everyone here at least once! Its finally coming back though, everyone here made fun of me for it forever.
     But yeah the French is coming along really well, and finally isn’t really a worry at all, so it lets me focus much more on the work for sure! I finally see my ability as an instrument for the Lord growing that way so it’s really nice!  I’m worried I will be leaving this sector soon, and like I said before we have about 12 baptisms who are waiting for marriage, which I know are all coming soon, so it will be tough for sure to leave before we get those done because those were some awesome people for sure!
    Another new thing this past week was another companionship moved in temporarily. Because Elder Owusu, the old AP, is leaving in three weeks, and Elder Koadio who had to go home to fix a hernia, came back as well, so they put Elder Owusu and him together for the next couple weeks, until Owusu leaves, and they find a place for Koadio, and Gbegamey was the only apartment big enough for 6 so they brought them in. It’s been really fun for sure, and they’re both awesome missionaries! But yeah things are going pretty well! Elder Desvergez is definitely very zealous, allowing us to get a ton of work done so that is really nice! Honestly some of the happiest parts so far have been what we have been able to do with the branch, for example activating the old branch president. It’s going great though! I am very worried though that I'll be going soon! It’s going great though! Ambroise was at the service activity with his family and that was the best to see as well! That’s a beautiful family for sure! I have three new Ghanaians Amis as well! So it’s pretty weird teaching them! Teaching in English is honestly probably harder than teaching in French! Its crazy teaching them though but I love it! We have them now, and also an Ivorian Ami.  Something I found out, that actually makes a big difference, Benin is the least educated and least civilized of all of the West African countries, and even the others are in poverty. It was crazy talking to Elder Koadio, who is from Cote Divoire, and hearing him talk about how much tougher it is here to teach, because they have such a hard time understanding. It’s going really well though! That’s definitely a big challenge though for sure, and especially in that a big part hardly even speak French, but the gospel surely has to go to all the world; and all these people have the same potential as we do, so that definitely helps get things in perspective! But yeah I'm really excited with the Ghanaians’, its a father and his two sons, and they came here to Benin because they are carpenters, and the ebony here is much cheaper, so they make the stuff here and send it back to Ghana! We haven’t taught them too much though. It’s great as well having Owusu and Koadio come into the apartment though for sure! They are two Africans that are amazing missionaries, like future general authorities, they’re awesome! It’s been really cool, as it’s the coolest time of the year, so I think 80 ish or so? So that’s been nice! Avocados are in season here, same with pineapples, so that’s all I've been living off of but it’s been nice! I miss the mango's though for sure! The work is going really well though, and I remember Elder Ritchie saying how much more fun it is when you can finally speak well, and I’ve definitely found that to be true! It’s going awesome though! I love and miss you all a ton! I hope all is well! Sorry again I’m short on time! I’m trying to send a lot of pictures, but that’s impossible with the computers here, but yeah! Till next week!
Elder Oliverson
This is from over in Ouidah! Where they sent the slaves and such 
                                              The gospel is going to the whole world!:)

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