Monday, October 7, 2013


Sorry I’m really short on time as a result of the trip today. We got to go to Ganvie as my last p-day here in Benin for now! Ganvie is the city out in the middle of the huge lake that the Beninese built to hide from slave traders, so it’s a lot of the old Beninese and more voodoo than the rest of the country, it was pretty crazy though for sure! We took our whole zone on a little canoe all the way out to it, which was about an hour ride, it was really fun though! Also I’m kind of mad because the computer isn’t uploading pictures, I have a lot of pictures of our meals with all the converts this past week, and the trip to Ganvie which are pretty awesome! Hopefully next week.
 I was sad to miss General Conference though. It's incredibly important as you said to hear the words of the inspired modern day prophets no doubt. And no there is no way we could get it live, we have to wait till the DVD gets here, which isn’t till end of November, or till the conference edition Liahona gets here to read them. It’s good though.
This past week has gone by great though, as we already had an idea that I was leaving, word got around fast, so this past week has been a lot of meals and dinners! So it’s been really fun! I got the call Saturday that I’m leaving for Togo, in the secteur of Hedzronhoe and I'll be with Elder Soa, an Ivorian! So I’m really excited for that! Its crazy too, because he is 30 years old... he somehow was able to come on the mission, then they found out and he confessed to it, but they let him stay out. I’ve been looking forward for Togo, as a lot of missionaries prefer it, even though it’s a lot poorer and less civilized! I’m leaving with the assistants tomorrow morning, and actually Elder Ringle will be with me as well as he’s transferred there too. I’m really excited for it! 
This past week has gone well, we have a marriage and 5 baptisms this next week, so I’m sad I won't be there to see all of those! But I’m really happy at the same time to see them making that step!! And also as I’m going over there so early in the mission, its most likely that I will return back to Benin before the end, so that would be the best to be able to come back and see everyone here! I love it here, and I love everyone in the branch here in Gbegamey, so it will be sad to go! But Togo will be great! I learned a lot here, and have made some great relationships, so this past week with all the meals and stuff was nice to see all our Amis and such! I'll miss them all a lot though.
Thanks for sending the summaries of the Conference talks though. Hopefully I'll have some time in the cyber to go through a couple! And no there isn’t a printer anywhere here that I know of. It’s weird to here that it is getting cold there, as its just getting hotter over here!
I love you all and thank you so much for all of the support!! You are all the best!
                                                              Love Elder Oliverson

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