Monday, September 30, 2013

This week has went well

     This week has went well, we had our interviews we do every three months with President, so that went really well! Its also really good to talk with President Weed, he’s the best! He went home actually this past week, to get some skin cancer removed but hopefully he'll be back soon! The sun is hot here! But yeah, interviews are always the best! Then afterwards me and Desvergez got reminded about the give money rule if we get jumped... still hasn’t happened yet and I know for a fact that he isn’t giving any money ha-ha. Not a ton is new with our Amis though, were finding some new good ones though! The Nigerians are progressing well, and probably the best part of this past week was seeing all of our recent converts get the Priesthood, this past month has been awesome for the branch, there is a whole new load of members which will help a ton! But yeah, one of the best parts was when we went to see Daniel the Saturday before he got the Priesthood. We came in and he had some food for us and we asked him if he’d eat too, only to find out that he was fasting, finally he told us as well that he was fasting so he could be spiritually ready for the next day. Man he’s the best!! I’m excited as well for the next step to see them all receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, there is always a small worry about retention here, but honestly this big group we’ve had of baptisms this past month have been incredibly strong, so I’m really excited to see that move forward... A big thing like I said before that I’ve noticed is those who are the strongest converted have the strongest desire to share the gospel, and that’s been huge with these recent converts is how strong of missionaries they already are! They’re awesome. Before I leave as well next week, we have one last baptism in Gbegamey, which is Antoine, he is one that called us off the street one day, (which are usually the crazy people) and we got talking to him. He’s progressed awesome and now I see him doing really great as well!! Things are all great with Desvergez I love him!! He made me a certificate giving me the authority to leave now, saying that I’m ready to be a stellar missionary ha-ha, his trainer did for him as well, but I passed the final test he gave me by teaching the second hour at church, he’s the best! 
      I don’t know if I told you about the crazy Nigerian last week but he’s back! We had an activity at the church this past week, so me and Desvergez were there early getting ready, and here comes walking in the crazy Nigerian, he went and hid, so after we found him, it took a little while getting him out of the church, but we some how managed, and sure enough he showed up for church this Sunday as well, we had to give a warning to all of the members to not give him money. Ha-ha man, that guy.  Also we had zone meeting this past week which is always good, and found out were going to the city on the water next p-day before I leave! So I’m really excited for that! That’ll be really fun the next week. But yeah, the past week has gone really well, we’ve been working so hard it’s been the best!! Not a ton new though, but its been really good! The mission has taught me how to cook as well! I should have been prepared that way! The branch is doing much better though so it’s been awesome! Desvergez has taught me a lot that way!! And it’s definitely remade the connection with the missionaries and the branch! I’m really excited for General Conference! We get the telecast, but not till about 5 weeks afterwards, and even then we don’t get all the sessions, so we wait till we get the Liahona to read the talks, and even then they don’t come in till two months after, so its kind of tough. Thanks for everything! I love and miss you all a ton! Thanks again!
Elder Oliverson

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