Monday, December 16, 2013

I got bit by a scorpion this past week- (this new area he hasn't been able to send pictures)

Sorry about last week, there was no connection at all to even be able to write! But I’m here this week! This past weekend was no doubt the best though! With getting the new Stake and all. The week before that though was a little rough. Probably the least amount of lessons I’ve been able to do the whole mission, but then I thought back to other missions, and realized how blessed I really am. But no doubt this week made up a ton for last week, we have an Ami named Juju, who was a contact from a member, and from him we have found 4 other new really good Amis, who are all progressing pretty well, and I’m hoping to see things get going with them. 
      Saturday and Sunday were great! We got to be with Elder Vinson Saturday which was awesome no doubt, I seriously love just having the chance to be with those men and just feeling the spirit being with them. I was a little surprised at first when I talked to him not realizing he was Australian so the accent was pretty sweet! But what an incredible and
Christ like man. You seriously feel so loved being around them and associating with them. I love too having the chance to see how they unveil the scriptures for you, just when you think you are seeing pretty amazing things in the Book of Mormon, they show you something 50 times more amazing. Its incredible how well they know the scriptures, and understand them, I can't even imagine having a study session with one of those men. But either ways that day we had the Adult session of what is now Stake Conference, which was great! It like as in the U.S was centered around missionary work, and getting the members and missionaries working together. But no doubt it was awesome to be there and to see that. Then the next day was the first Stake Conference here, and it was really just getting the Stake Presidency in place, and now having 6 wards! So that was pretty awesome. There we had Elder Vinson, and another Seventy who is from Cote DIvoire. It was awesome though, and to be able to have the chance to see the first Stake come into this Country was huge! Elder Vinson went on to talk about the church here in West Africa, and how these ten missions here baptize more people than the rest of the world, including Mexico and Brazil. But at the same time that when they measure growth it isn’t off of baptisms, but t see how the church is really doing with Priesthood holders and such. He also really reminded me how blessed we are to have the chance to work with these people here. He explained it how when we talk to investigators, we're not teaching them new things, just helping them remember stuff they already know from the life before, and mentioned that people here must have a thinner veil, with how well they accept the gospel and embrace it. No doubt these people are the best!! But yeah, it was a great meeting where President Weed spoke as well. No doubt I feel blessed to have been there! So that was great, and this past week has been much better for us, the secteur is still extremely tough, but its coming along..
Another bright spot though, is I did get to have my second split with Elder Kabedeh!! I’ll never forget that first one, and we were both happy to get to work together again! He’s one of the nicest most Christ like people I know. He is an incredible missionary as well, coming from Liberia, where there past time has been civil war, he didn’t have an easy life at all before, but no doubt he made the best out of it. His French is still much easier to understand than his English, even though he’s Anglophone... But no doubt he’s one of the most charitable people ever, and its the best to be able to work with him. But yeah, things are going pretty well with the work! It’s coming along slowly but surely here in Kegue. We had a really good rendezvous again with one of our members figuring out what we could do best for the secteur here that has struggled so bad. But it was good talking to him, Brother Attiogbe is an incredible member!
 I got bit by a scorpion this past week too. Ha-ha, I got a really bad bite on my leg, and didn’t know for about 3 days what it was at all, I just assumed it was a spider bite, as we
have a ton here, but then I came to find out that it was from a scorpion bite, I ended up finding two dead scorpions that same day in our study room. They’re tiny things, but much scarier than spiders. I have cool pictures of the scorpion and where it bit me, so that's good as well. But yeah, it was pretty bad for a couple days, but is slowly and surely healing.
This past week I organized one of the best activities for our zone as well, which is where well be heading out to the Jungle in our secteur this next Monday -P-day !! So I’m pretty pumped about that! We figured we might as well take advantage of being so far north, and there are a lot of members who want to take us out, so were going to figure that out soon!
 Not too much of the Christmas spirit, but living with another American in the Apt. were
making the most of it!  It’s just hard to realize its Christmas with how hot it is. Its actually cooled down a little bit as its the month where the dry winds from the Sahara blow down here, so that has actually been pretty nice!
 I’m really excited to call home though! I’m thinking it will most likely be around the same time again? Well see though, there is still one more p-day before Christmas so well figure it all out then. I’m no doubt looking forward to that though!
 This secteur has been one of the toughest things ever, but no doubt I’ve seen that it’s been one of the biggest growing periods of my life, It’s been good! I hope all is well this next week! I love and miss you all a ton! Thanks for everything!
Elder Oliverson

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