Monday, December 30, 2013

Starting an English class

Bonjour!                                                                                     12/30/2013                                               
This past week has been really good! It was super nice being able to call home to you guys and to see a little bit (Skye)! Best part of Christmas for sure! We had a ton of dinners with members that day so that was nice for sure! We were all pretty sick at the end of the day though. Also after leaving the cyber Elder Haggard fell into an open sewer, so that was funny for a little while. Then for him too after he got all cleaned off. 
I already love this secteur though! The ward here is seriously like a family, we have a normal amount of members, but we have a ton of ward missionaries, and many that are preparing to go on missions. If we want we can easily have a member in every single lesson so it’s been awesome! The bishop is incredible as well, in my secteur's I’ve never seen such a zealous and missionary minded Bishop. He does all he can to get the members to work with us, and at the same time he works with us as well which sets a really good example for all the members. There are many inactive's as well in the secteur, but that will be nice to be able to work with them. 
I’m much more thankful to have Amis now after having spent that time in Kegue. The Amis that we have now though here are amazing, and with all the member support, things are much more stable. I’m starting an English class as well for the ward so hopefully that will help us out even more. We have a baptism this Saturday with a guy named Jacques, he’s a little over 20 but is an awesome guy. Not even baptized yet but has the strongest desire to serve a mission and to share these things with others already. We have another few baptisms in the next week after as well, with an older guy, so were hoping to be able to start teaching the whole family as well. It’s been super exciting though. I took that time back in Gbegamey with Desvergez really for granted though with how well we did,  Kegue has made me so much more thankful for those things, and no doubt I’m not going to waste those useful resources after being there. I love all the ward missionaries here too, and they’re some of the best, there are a bunch of cute babies too so that’s always cool!  this Sunday was really fun being there. 
This morning we got to have interviews with President, which was great as always! I wish we had them more often and longer ones, but they’re still the best! He’s seriously such an inspired man and it’s the best to have that time to go over things with him!  Things are going well with my comp as well, I love him!  
 The church is still so new here, which is tough sometimes but it works.  I’m glad all is going great there! I hope things are good this week with the New Year and such! I love and miss you all a ton and hope things are great!
Elder Oliverson

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