Monday, June 9, 2014

Stake Conference

Bonjour!                                                                                                                   06/09/2014
 This past week has been pretty well. I got the surprising call as well finding that I will be going back to Benin to serve! Along with that I'll actually be working with the Elders that are in the bureau in helping the transition with the new mission president coming in, in just a few weeks. It will be nice going back to Benin to see the old converts, and all the missionaries there that I miss dearly! I will surely miss Togo a ton though, and am hoping to come back here again before the end of my mission. On the brightside I'll get to be with President Weed a lot at the end of his mission, and I will get to know the new mission president really well. But yeah this past week went pretty well! The secteur is still having a bit of difficulty due to the incident with one of the leaders, but we’ve found some good new Amis this past week. One that I’m sad about leaving for is a super old grandma named Katherine, I don’t even know how old she is, and most likely as she is Togolese she doesn’t even know her age. Ha-ha, but she was actually a contact from her son who is a leader in the ward of Tokoin. Thanks to the example and encouragement of her son, she'll be getting baptized in two weeks! 
This past week we had Stake Conference as well, which was awesome to be at. Last conference with the dedication it was pretty packed, and I assumed that it was because it was the dedication, and there was a member of the Seventy's that was there. So I didn’t think that it would be as filled this time around, but I was very wrong. We got there really early, and watched as the whole entire chapel was filled, all the way into the back part, along with the primary room where they had a TV playing it as well, and one of the big hallways. We ended up sitting outside not getting to really see or hear any of the conference. It was kind of a bummer, but at the same time I guess that it’s a really good thing! Ha-ha, the church will be really strong here one day no doubt. It was nice seeing all the members from the old secteurs, and the other missionaries as well. Along with that we found out that two of the families that we were teaching in Anfame, and a few other couples that we were teaching there are getting baptized next week. Another unfortunate reason that I’m leaving this Friday, ha-ha but I’m super excited for them no doubt! The zone is doing as well, and the work seems to be picking up in all of the secteurs so that is good to see! This past week we’ve been doing a lot of work with the new members, in strengthening them, and also in hopes of getting contacts. My companion wanted to teach about tithing with all of them, even though we knew pretty well that they all paid their tithing already. I can see that he was inspired in doing it as well too. The members were all really happy to talk about it, and the testimonies they have already gained even in just this short time of paying the tithing. It really made me think a lot about that commandment, as its one that we usually keep, but don’t talk much about it, and leave it to the side. But its one of the greatest commandments, and one of the best ways to grow in faith really. We shared a lot the scripture in Malachi talking about the promises the Lord makes to us, and that tithing is really a question of faith rather than money. It’s whether we love the Lord, and also if we have the trust that he will keep the great promises he has made for those who keep this commandment. So that was a really nice reminder for me as well. Today our apartment went to the beach with some of the Elders from Souza and had a good time there as well! I'll send those pictures! But yeah, all is going well here, thanks for all of the love and support!

Elder Oliverson

Stake conference this past week.
left to right.. Elder Baker American, Elder Mary French, Elder Barton American, Me, Elder Florion Tahitian, Elder Lynch Scottish, Elder Destribois French, Togolese member, Elder Gnenenon Ivorian, Elder Mou-tham Tahitian...
Me, Elder Mou-tham & Elder Barton

Me & my companion Elder Gnenenon

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