Monday, June 2, 2014


Bonjour!                                                                                                                  06/02/2014

This past week has been much better. It was nice being able to get to work without the sickness, and feeling normal again! That was probably the most frustrating part last week was not being able to go out to work. But yeah the week started off a little tough because of the rain... and with the rain we got, it was clear its now the rainy season. We were on our way to go to district meeting, and we have to go to the church in Anfame, as we have the sisters in our district now. And about halfway there, the rain arrives. We took cover under a little boutique thing, and started waiting a bit. We looked up at the clouds, and realized the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. The problem getting stranded out in the rain here, is that it rains so much, and so quickly the roads flood and some turn into little mini rivers. Ha-ha, we didn’t play it smart, thinking if we waited longer, the rain would stop, but it didn’t, and we ended up running back to our house in nothing but water. I have to give it too my shoes, they’ve seen better days. 
But yeah the work is getting a little better in the secteur day by day. We have some really strong new members, that have a lot of passion for the church, but aren’t quite sure how to use it, so we’ve put a lot of work into helping the members as well. In our ward, as its an older ward, we have multiple members that are working at the stake lever, for example in the Stake Presidency, High Council, etc. So as a result we have newer members as leaders in certain spots, and don’t have a ton of priesthood holders there on Sundays. As I’ve been in Be Kpota before, and so it’s been a while now, it’s been cool to see the progression of some of the members. There was a member in particular that has taught me a lot. When I first got here in the secteur, he was already started in the repentance process for some serious things that he had done a while ago. As the members are mostly new here, that can be pretty tough on them. We don’t get to visit this member often, but just seeing his each Sunday, and the change that happens week to week has been awesome. There is really a physical difference in his appearance, and a light and a big happiness that wasn’t there before. Honestly every time I see him now; he is smiling, and looks like the happiest person ever. It really helped me strengthen my testimony on the power of the Atonement, and how repentance can change our lives. The best part as well was this past Sunday he was able to use his Priesthood to bless his new baby that wasn’t born long ago. So things are going pretty well in the secteur, we were a little busy this past week though doing a lot of baptismal interviews for the zone, which I guess is actually a good thing, seeing that the zone is picking up a lot, and visiting some elders in the apartments as well. But yeah, not much is new other than that! This next week we will be having Stake Conference, which is exciting as it is the first since the last one when the stake was dedicated.

       I hope things are going well there, thanks a ton for the prayers and the support! I love and miss you all a ton!!

Elder Oliverson

Beobab tree

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