Saturday, July 12, 2014

"The Restoration"

Bonjour!                                                                                                   07/12/2014

Things have been pretty good this past week. Sunday went really well for us, as we had the most Amis at church since I’ve been here. It’s really nice to see how well some of them are progressing! On Monday night we had a really special FHE with one of the families we are teaching. It’s the family with one young man who is a member (Romario). Its crazy to see how well they’ve progressed. At first even he was hesitant giving us they’re contact because he said there was no hope, and even our first lesson with them, the Mom sort of brought up as well that there was no hope, and that they were staying Catholic, but would still follow the lessons anyways. So we’ve been teaching them and they’ve even started coming to church. The Mom told us a really cool story about it as well. She said that after our lessons she wasn’t really planning on coming to church, but when she woke up the morning before Sunday, she said it was like a voice in her head telling her to go to church with us. She said she didn’t really know why it was there, but took it as being from God and decided to come with us. Even the rest of her family was stunned seeing her coming along but she came, and she LOVED it there. It was good to see that as well as with Gbegamey still being a little weaker branch, sometimes things don’t run as well, but she saw past those things and that day at church had a huge impact on her. On Monday we were with the family again, and this time we brought "The Restoration" DVD. It’s a killer. And had a spiritual experience watching that, just like every time. Both the mom and the daughter explained after the special feelings they felt while watching that, and we helped them understand it was the Holy Ghost confirming the truth of the message. They both have baptismal dates fixed for the next few weeks, and are no doubt very ready for those. Its amazing to see how powerful the spirit can be, and how us as missionaries only set things up to where the spirit can come in and help them know these things are true. 
Our other Amis are coming along really well also! So it’s very nice to see the work progressing like it is now. We went out and taught as well with one of my converts from the first time in Gbegamey on Thursday and that was really fun. He told me a story that touched me a lot as well. Since I’ve been back he’s been to church every Sunday, but the member who gave him to us as a contact hasn’t been. We were talking about it, and he was telling me how it all kind of started one night when he was there with a few member friends, and there was a party going on. It was a pretty rough one and there was alcohol there as well. They were tempted to go, saying that they would just avoid the alcohol, but he kept telling them it wasn’t the best idea. After talking about it for a while he tried again to convince them not to go, but they left leaving him behind. He went home and came to church the next morning and didn’t see them there. When he visited them later he found that they had all been caught drinking at the party and things aren’t going too well with them. He told me he still tries to help them come back and return to church, but it hasn’t worked much since and they still haven’t been back. The story reminded me a ton of one of those classic church stories, but really touched me a lot that even though his good friends and examples in the church made a bad choice, he chose to stand alone, and in the end avoided big problems in his life. So things are going pretty well with the work! 
President Morin and his wife left to Togo with the couple this past Wednesday so we’ve been kind of running things solo here. We’ve done our best to "Hold down the Fort" as he told us to. Driving is still great as ever as well, and the excitement never gets old ha-ha. Things have been pretty cooled down the past week as well which has been nice! This rainy season has been much more cool than the last. We have a big group of missionaries going home this next week, so Monday we planned a Anglo-phone vs. Franco-phone basketball game which I’m pretty pumped about. I was named a starter, so I’m sure you guys are pretty proud about that:) Ha-ha, it will be fun though, our team is mostly Americans and a couple Ghanaians, even though they’re not the best it just makes our team look more athletic. Unfortunately Desvergez is playing on the other team along with Lemaire. So we'll have to see how that goes! But yeah all is going pretty well here! I love and miss you all a ton, I hope you have a great next week!
       Elder Oliverson

Little dog we found:)

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