Saturday, July 26, 2014

Eternal Potential

Bonjour,                                                                                                                  07/26/2014

 This past week has been pretty good. It’s been pretty busy as well meaning a lack of rendezvous but its all good! Monday in our meeting with President we talked most about the new thing the First Presidency is implementing with the lessons, and how we are supposed to interact with the converts after the baptism. It should help a lot with retention. But its mostly that we need to re-teach all the lessons and stay in contact with the converts for up to a year after if not longer in helping them make that big change becoming members of the church. Later that night we had an awesome FHE with Romario's family as well. That family has probably been the best part of the week for us. With Romario having already been a member for about a year now, we were able to start teaching his family who were strong Catholics and told us the first day they only wanted to talk with us, but didn’t at all want to come into our church. Then last week we had the baptism of one of their daughters, and as I mentioned last week, the mom is ready and is doing all she can to get baptized, but as her and her husband aren’t married, its not possible for her yet. So we started working more with her husband, and a little like them, he told us right off he had already spoken with the missionaries before, and doesn’t want really anything to do with it. This past week though after a little work, and teaching the family a lot about the plan of salvation, and what’s in store for families, we saw them later on and the father has decided to get married to her, and it should be sometime in the next month. Seeing how the spirit worked with the mom and daughter in converting them was already incredible, but now seeing the father starting to follow is awesome. We still have a little ways to go with him, but were really praying to help this family come into the church together so that they can have those blessings! It will be pretty exciting to see how things go with that, but it will be great for sure, and the family is really excited as well. 
Speaking of marriages, this past week we spent half a day with working on how we can expedite the marriage process here for the converts, as right now it’s a pretty bad headache. So this past week we went with that old police commissioner that is a member  and went a ways up north to a village called Allada that could help us in getting a faster way to get people married. Sure enough thanks to the commissioner we were able to get that taken care of, so hopefully we'll be seeing many more baptisms soon thanks to the new marriage deal we found! 
Thursday as well was a pretty busy day as we had a nice little Mission Conference/Sacrament meeting with President Morin. I will say its the first time I’ve ever taken the Sacrament other than a Sunday, but it was a really cool meeting as well. You can see that him and his wife are really putting their all into their call as Mission President. He’s an incredible guy though, and they have a special appreciation for missionaries, as they’re both converts to the church. With him he was converted, then just a few years later left on his mission, right after he got off of his mission he became District President in the Montreal District, without a wife, or a car or anything, so he told us a lot about that experience, and how he was confused as to why the Lord put him in that position, but talked to us a lot about the importance of accepting the will of the Lord. He talked a lot as well about the importance of the work here, and said it’s been tough for him seeing the poverty here and the kids with no clothes running in the road. But mentioned that even with their circumstances they have just as much eternal potential as anyone of us, which is something very motivating to think about. The work is going pretty well, and is still progressing pretty good, thanks to the family were teaching were getting other contacts that should be pretty good as well so things are going great that way! Today we went and met with the District Presidency as were organizing a missionary activity for the youth in the Stake. So things are going pretty well here, and the work is still coming along really well!
 I hope all is well there, I love and miss you all a ton!
                                                                                          Elder Oliverson
Elder Izekor and Me!

He ain't heavy, he's may brother:)

Drive to Allada
Dorcass, Ambroises 3 year old daughter:)

On the way to Allada we started noticing a ton of oil flowing down the road for about a hundred yeards, then came up on this tanker that had tipped over.

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