Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guide us day to day.

Bonjour,                                                                                                                   08/09/2014
This past week has been pretty good, and probably the busiest as well. Tuesday we had the arrival of a group of new missionaries, 3 Tahitians, 2 Congolese, and a Togolese. It was the best seeing the Togolese getting his call here as he’s one of the young men I got to work with when I was in Be Kpota, so its pretty crazy to see him as a full-time missionary now! There flight got here late so we spent a while at the airport. Then helping them with the first day stuff took a while, and then after all we took them to their apartments, which ended up being on the opposite ends of the city. Ha-ha, so it ended up taking most of the day for us. It was fun seeing the new missionaries and seeing how excited they are to finally be in the field. Along with that we worked a lot of the week in doing immigration, and as we had so many missionaries getting visas we spread it out through 4 days. Just a few days after the arrival of all the new missionaries, we have 4 missionaries leaving as well, so we’ve spent a lot of time in picking them up and getting them ready to leave. On Friday was the Benin leadership council, and as there is a new zone leader that doesn’t have a companion at the moment, I spent a while the day before getting his report ready for him for the meeting. The past week I’ve been trying to get the release dates set up with President so that there will be an even transfer schedule now as well, so its been cool to work with him on that. Something I noticed this past week that was a good example to me, is when we finished a proposal, before going forward with it, he told me with a smile he would have to talk to his companion (wife) about it first. It reminds me a lot of how President Weed worked as well, in that he doesn’t work alone, but always has his wife’s opinion and they work together on it. People often think that it is only the mission president th leads the mission, but they’ve both shown me that they’re not alone in how they work. He’s an incredible man though. All in all things have all gone really smooth, but we’ve been so busy we haven’t been able to get too much done in the secteur, ha-ha. Luckily we were able to see a few Amis, and how they’re still progressing. We’re still working on getting the marriage ready for Rebecca and her husband, so that they can get baptized soon. It’s been tough for her, as she wants to be baptized very bad, but has to wait because of this. It was nice though as on Wednesday she was telling us about how the past few times she has read the Book of Mormon, she has feel upon a few verses about patience which give her a lot of comfort when she needs it. It really reminded me of the importance of daily Book of Mormon reading, as the Lord will often use that as a tool in helping us and guiding us day to day. Its nice as well that she has figured out how useful the Book of Mormon is that way, so that will help her stay close to it in the future. Things are all going pretty well with our other Amis, and they’re coming along well also. 
           Also today I just found out that Elder LeGrand Curtis will be visiting here in just a couple weeks, so I’m looking forward to that as well. Things are going pretty well in Benin. For some reason the month of August really cools down so it’s been nice to have that lately. Things are going well in Benin. A lot of the news reports have been talking about Ebola like usual, even though there aren’t yet any confirmed cases here, so people have been talking a lot about that lately. Hopefully it doesn’t make its way here though! I hope all is well there though, I love and miss you all a ton! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Oliverson

Languoet & Me right before him going home, he was in my first apartment back in Gbegamey

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