Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book of Mormon

Bonjour!                                                                                                                     08/02/2014
          Sorry my letter will be a little shorter than usual as we just barely got back from doing the transfer, and from Togo. This past week has gone pretty well though! Once again President took a trip to Togo for the week, so we’ve been here working on things since he has been gone. Monday night we had a really fun FHE with one of our families. Elder Izekor wanted to make a sauce from Nigeria to eat with the Igname. So we let him do it, convinced that he was a pro at it. In the end we got there with the sauce, and no one wanted to eat it, as it didn’t exactly turn out as he had expected it too. Luckily the mom just happened to have made another sauce so what a miracle that was for us! It must have just been an off day for Izekor or something. This week was pretty rough driving around and doing visas and everything, as it was Independence Day on Friday. So as a result they shut down the road where they do the parade. Normally that wouldn’t be a big problem everywhere, but it made the entire city the worst traffic ever, so it’s great to have that over with!
           Not too much has changed in terms of the secteur. We’re still working with our Amis trying to help them progress, and still waiting on the marriage for that family so we'll see how that goes. Its looking hopeful though as we’ve finally started the lessons with the dad! The lessons have gone well with him, but it’s the best having the rest of the family there while teaching. He’s one of those guys that always asks questions even when he doesn’t care about the answer, but more to try to stump you. Either ways he was pretty doubtful about Joseph Smith being a prophet and the First Vision, just like most people when they hear that for the first time. So we talked about the sure way of finding the truthfulness of it, in praying, reading the Book of Mormon, etc. The best part was hearing his soon to be wife and kids testify about how they know it is true as well. His wife mentioned it as well that when we were watching the film the Restoration, she just had the best feeling come over her, and knew it had to be true. He tried to point out that she only believes its true because she saw it in a movie. So we made the point that it wasn’t what she saw that helped her know, but rather that feeling that she felt that gave her the confirmation. It reminded me a lot about the importance and again the power of the Holy Ghost in conversion. That it’s by the Holy Ghost we can gain the strongest testimony. There are countless examples of people that have seen angels and such, but still were very wicked. But when we have the confirmations from the spirit, it is very hard to deny. Seeing how powerful the spirit can be makes me think a lot more about the little things I can do and change each day to feel it more, and have its inspiration, as its such a powerful tool.
          This past week as well President has had me working on release dates, and setting up a transfer schedule from now on, as before so many missionaries change their release dates, so it makes a weird transfer schedule. So I was working on the release dates and setting up when the missionaries would be going home, the scariest part was seeing that the next group I’ll be looking at is when I’ll be going home. It’s hard to even believe that the end is already that close. Ha-ha, its pushing me a lot more though to make the most of the time that I have and work, as its coming closer. But yeah things are going well here. This morning we left early to go to Togo for the transfer. Instead of taking our truck, we had to take the mini-bus as we had too many missionaries. As a result there is no four-wheel drive, and the suspension is awful. Ha-ha so it was a terrible drive to say the least. In the end we made it back safe and sound. Its weird driving around here now and not being too scared, as you really can feel the protection that comes being a missionary. 
         Things are going well here though! Thanks for all the love and support!

  I love and miss you all a ton! Thanks for the love and support.
Elder Oliverson

 At first the only job they gave me was to hold the light so they could see while making the igname.

This is when they found out I'm actually very experienced at making igname.

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