Monday, September 2, 2013

This has been a pretty good week!

  This has been a pretty good week! Things are still going
really well! There were some pretty cool things as well. Monday night
we did our usual family home evening that we got started up for the
people with no families and kids and such. It’s been killer for sure,
we got to play some musical chairs as well, and of course I dominated
that one!! I watched the video though and remembered it was probably
because I was twice the size of everyone else. The work has been
really well too!! We got off to a good start this week... We’ve had an
ami named Boris, who’s actually just a young man, and we have been
teaching him at his friend’s house for a while. The kid is insanely
brilliant though, and has been golden!! He invited us to his place to
talk with his parents, when we got there we realized his dad is
actually a pastor in a church here in Gbegamey, so he’s strong in this
church, plus that’s his job, so we were already kind have decided there
is no way... It was almost the opposite though, he was incredibly open
and was telling about how his son has gone crazy and has been showing
all the stuff we taught and the Book of Mormon, he was very interested
in our message as well, and we are actually hoping to be able to
baptize him and his family soon, he understands the message is true,
but it is a tough situation with that being his job, to let those
things behind, but were sure he’ll be able to let those things go and
the Lord will provide. It’s awesome to see though that by this young
man we can hopefully baptize this awesome family! Ambroise and Gilbert
are still the best! 
     They actually live out in Cocotomey, which is a newer area, so they are
trying to start out a branch out there, and with those two solid
converts, that will help a ton, so it’s great to see the help and work
they’re already doing! So those were some good things this week. The
problem was Wednesday though, we were in a lesson in the morning, and
before going in Desvergez mentioned he wasn’t feeling too hot... the
whole lesson he barely talked, and I was thinking the whole time he
was mad at me or something... we finished the lesson and were walking
out, and he just threw up his whole stomach, he was insanely sick so
we had to stay in that day! The problem was, I don’t have the strongest
stomach, so seeing that made me somewhat sick the rest the day!
Definitley not the best day... Ha-ha, we were worried he had Malaria,
but he was better in a day so we assumed it was just bad food or
something, were worried it was the pineapple... which isn’t good,
because that’s about our whole diet... Luckily though he was better
quick! The next day we had our dinner with the American!!! Oh man I
about died no lie!!! We walked into his house, which is on embassy
grounds, and it was basically America.... I thought I was going to
die, there was carpet, and a teli, and AC..... it was incredibly...
We had the most amazing American food I’ve ever had as well, after I
was a little sick though just from how not used to I am to that food!!
But man..... It was incredible!!!!! He was there with his wife who is
actually from England, but just talking to them I about died it was so
great!! It was definitely a great night for sure!! Our Amis are all
doing pretty well, we have a baptism this next Saturday that I’m really
excited for which is Daniel!! He’s the ami that we found just a few
weeks ago and has already read almost the whole book of Mormon!! He’s
incredible! He hasn’t missed a day of church, nor an institute, nor a
FHE... he’s one of the smartest people I have been with here as well.
He’s progressed faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and is incredibly
excited for his baptism! The branch has been really good and bringing
him in as well which has been a big help! So I’m excited for that! He
told us a cool story about the first day he saw us and our first time
talking.. He said he had always seen us walking by, but thought we
were Jehovah witness, like everyone here, and never said anything and
wasn’t interested. He got malaria though and was stuck in his bed for a
long while. He was incredibly sick and could see things weren’t going
well, till one day when he was in bed, and we came up to the door, and
he said the only reason he let us in was because he was sick and
wanted us to help. He was just telling us as well how he could see
that it wasn’t by chance the time or how that happened, but man, he’s
got a strong testimony for sure!! Another cool thing that brought me
back big-time this week was our testimony meeting on Sunday... Usually,
they’re a little sketchy to be honest, but this past one beforehand we
explained how testimony meeting works, and it went amazing!! Towards
the end a lady in our branch who had polio, and is paralyzed from the
waist down, so she uses hand crutches, struggled up to the front and
bore an amazing testimony, and just expressed how thankful she was for
all of her many blessings, and just talked about how blessed she is
and how much she loves her life.. Man that brought me back big time,
we have rough days all the time and get so depressed, but this lady is
always the happiest, and sees herself as the most blessed, and hearing
her say that made me really think. These people are special for
sure!! That was awesome though. The branch is really good though, in
fact today the youth have big activity and are taking a bus over to
Accra for the temple!! I’m really excited for them with that!! So yeah
things have been really good. Today we had a activity with the
mission and played soccer. But man, I’m sick for the first time yet
here. Its nothing too bad, but I’m just exhausted and feel terrible.
Ha-ha, so I’m hoping that goes fast!! So yeah, I couldn’t go all out in
soccer today, and that was killing me because I just love
Soccer... But yeah the work is going great here! I’m worried with
the big transfer coming up!! We have 12 missionaries leaving for
home, and actually have 21 new missionaries coming in, only two are
America! So I’m not so sure I’ll be staying in Gbegamey, or if I’ll stay
with Desvergez, but I’d be content staying with him the whole mission
he’s the best! Its been nice having Owusu and Koadio in the apartment,
it was funny too; we were talking and pointing out that France has had
the church for an insane amount of time, and Ghana for only just a few
years, yet Ghana already has thousands more members than France, ha-ha
so we were trying to figure out why between Owusu and Desvergez, but
yeah the church is doing great over there! But yeah with the institute
class we got a member who is awesome as teacher, but Desvergez and me
teach it as well! But yeah things are great here with the work! It’s exciting as well getting
so many new missionaries as we'll be opening up more areas now! Things
are good! I love and miss you all a ton for sure! I hope all is great
this next week there!
Elder Oliverson
The Zone!

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