Monday, September 23, 2013


This past week has gone really well too! Not a ton new though! We’ve been able to do much more work as well as it has been just us two, so that’s been good! A lot of it has been in getting all of our recent converts ready to get the priesthood, which they’ll be getting next week so that will be really exciting for sure! They’re all doing awesome! The work is still going really well too, we don’t have a ton of investigators right now, so wave been doing a ton of searching. We have an ami named Carlos.  he’s been awesome to teach and has come along really well, along with that he wants for his girlfriend to hear our message as well, she lives a ways away though so we’ve been teaching him and having the other missionaries in Fidjrossey teach her, they aren’t married yet which is a problem, and also means they won't probably be getting baptized any time soon, but I definitely see the two of them getting baptized together in the next month or two! So I’m excited about that, we have two other Amis as well, who are two sisters of a member in the branch, who have received almost all of the lessons, have loved it, and are getting baptized in two weeks! The problem is the summer vacation is over, so they are both moving back to Togo, so we’ll pass them over to the missionaries in Lome to baptize them... that will make three baptisms that we’ve sent over there, they must be doing something right in Togo, to just get those people moving in like that. It’s been good though!! We do have a baptism in two weeks though with an ami named Antoine, he’s an older guy and his wife has left him, we’ve only been able to see him once a week, yet he’s still progressed really well and loves church! With him coming in, we have a lot of older single men in the branch, which is good, but it would be somewhat better if we had more whole families, but we for sure have a solid single adults program now! Another big thing in the branch this past week happened with a member. There is a partially active member I don’t know too well, and apparently about five days ago he became really sick. The other companionship here in Gbegamey went over to visit and see how he was doing; they ended up giving him a blessing, then left afterwards. The next morning at church, we found out that late the night before he started coughing up blood, and after a couple of hours he passed away. Obviously the family and the branch were all pretty sad and down about this, but the problem was is there is a rumor that someone killed him, with a voodoo spell or something, so overall people are all being really skeptical with the whole thing, and there are many rumors going around with that, and some members in the family are wondering about the blessing that the missionaries gave; and if there is anything with that, luckily most of the members understand to stay away from voodoo, and understand the gospel well, yet there are still some that are worried in a way.. It was really sad though; as he was a pretty young guy as well, but really no one has a clue why he died, so we’ll have to see what happens there. I’m hoping all will turn out well in that situation. We have a Nigerian ami we found a couple weeks ago that I’ve been teaching in English, who is coming along great, something I’ve seen is a way to see that someone is really interested in the message is when they invite everyone they know to hear it as well, and that is what she has done, she’s really nice, and I see things going well with her. Her name is Blessing, which is kind of ironic, but yeah she’s been great, and she’s already married which is nice as well! Its been tough though, as with their English they don’t understand any of my English, and I can barely understand any of there’s. It works though!! This past week we went to our rendezvous with Wesley, the American ambassador guy, but his two friends weren’t able to end up coming, so we had dinner with him and invited a member over as well, it was the best once again! Also it turns out that it is Bryant’s friend! He’s awesome though, it’s so crazy eating food like that and talking to an American. His house is gorgeous as well. We barely knew what to do with ourselves!! Other than all of that the work is going really well!! It was Elder Desvergez birthday this past Sunday, and that was fun because everyone made us food once again! Also I made him breakfast, as it was his birthday as that is what Sister Weed suggested we do. And man I’ll be honest I’m a good cook. If anyone doubts that go ahead and ask him!! It was a good day though for sure!! I love him though, its great being able to work so hard and well together, also to see the French continue to improve as I’m with a French elder! But yeah, we don’t have many dinner appointments but when we do they’re always really nice, they are really giving in that way. They’re awesome! But yeah with the branch, me and Desvergez have been doing a lot more that way and have actually organized a kind of mutual night for the youth, to help the branch improve more. Also we’ve rearranged the branch cleaning, as it wasn’t working by family, so we moved it to getting done by the auxiliaries, so were hoping that improves as well, as there aren’t many service projects here to do, that was one that we figured we could for sure get everyone involved in. Also we organized a talent show thing each month, in hope that that will help us get more people interested and involved, and help them bring friends and new contacts in! So things are going pretty well with the branch and such! This month has gone by so fast, and then as I was thinking about it, it is probably because we’ve had baptisms each week. It’s nice having the work up and going like that!! And yeah we had the cleanest apartment, so we got the prize, which was nice!! I’m still in the same place as I was before! And either way there isn’t a single area in the mission where we can clean clothes. Its all hand washing. I’m a pro at it now so it’s not a big deal!! We haven’t had a ton of power this past week as well, so all of our food has gotten rotten. Then we haven’t had water either. But I found it better that way, because instead of cold shower, I fill a bucket with boiling water, and then normal water, and its a nice bucket shower! So that’s been good!  When all the food in the fridge went bad though, all we had left were noodles, but we didn’t have water, so me and Desvergez went out and collected all of the water we could to cook the noodles, then we had no water to make sauce, so we put margarine on the noodles and have been able to enjoy that ha-ha, we have one of the bigger apartments, but there is rarely water or power so its not the best. We loved the pineapple season so much, that we’ve been living off pineapple juice since then, but now the papayas are coming on so we’ve moved to those. But yeah things are all great here! I love and miss you all a ton! Thanks for everything again!!
Elder Oliverson

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