Monday, May 12, 2014

Back to Be Kpota

Bonjour!                                                                                                            05/12/2014

          This past week has been pretty good. Me and my companion had an idea that we would be moved as zone leaders to another apartment, because they decided to bring sister missionaries into our apartment in Anfame. We were thinking they would move us to maybe Baguida, or Souza. But then the call came, and we’re going to Be Kpota! They are taking one of the companionships out of the apartment, and putting the zone leaders in. So I’ll once again be working in the same secteur I did before in Be Kpota. I can see that it is probably the best thing though, rather than just going into a completely new secteur, we are going to one that I know really well, so that will help out a lot! 
        Most of this past week, me and my companion spent getting the secteur ready for the sister missionaries. It will be pretty tough for them, as they know no one, and nowhere, so we planned a lot with the members as to how they can help with that. They now have a cool little system with the members, which will help them find each Ami. But yeah, I only got to spend 3 weeks in Anfame, but it was good for sure! Its weird I didn’t spend that long there, but I already miss those people I met there. The best part was all of the families they had there. Along with that we had many families that were progressing, and weren’t too far off from baptism. Luckily were not that far off, and they are still in our zone, so we’ll be there from time to time! But yeah, we’ve been pretty busy this past week! On Saturday we had our last baptism in Anfame, which was nice as well, and went really good. After the baptism we headed directly to Be Kpota. The problem was that the other companionship hadn’t left yet, so we were stuck sleeping on the floor. Ha-ha, the problem was its really hot in the apartment, so my companion and me went to sleep on the roof. It was just great till halfway through the night it started raining. Sending us back on the bottom. The problem with the rain is it gets even more humid, so even hotter. Which just made the inside of the apartment even hotter. Ha-ha, so in other words we really got no sleep those last couple nights, but finally we have our beds! This past week has been a pretty rough one as well with the rain, the rainy season is very much here as it rained pretty bad three days in a row. The thing with the rain is that we can tough it out and go teach, but for some reason, which I don’t understand still, the people here hate the rain. Ha-ha, and seriously everything shuts down when it rains, and then people can’t talk either. So that had a little influence on the work, but things are still going forward! Along with that it was nice calling home this past Sunday! Its weird to think that the next and last time I will be calling home is for Christmas, and then I will only have a few months till I’ll becoming home after that. The time is flying by, so I’m just trying to make the most of it all! I love and miss you all a ton!

Elder Oliverson

The super tall guy plays on the Togo national basketball team.

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