Monday, May 26, 2014


Bonjour!                                                                                                             05/26/2014
This past week has been a little rough, and not too much has happened. I remember last week how I was mentioning that I wasn’t feeling good with the backaches and headaches. So that kept going on while we were here at the cyber. After the cyber a huge rainstorm hit, making us stay here a little longer. All of the roads got flooded so we had to walk home in the water. But even worse than that was when we did get home our house was flooded. Ha-ha, so we spent the entire evening trying to get the water out of our house and letting things dry out. I still was feeling pretty sick and thought it was just because I was tired. Anyways it continued and as we are worried here about Malaria, I finally called the couple about it, and they decided to get me to the hospital to get the testing’s done. Its always weird going to the doctors here though. Ha-ha, at first he just asked me questions, and as I’m not super strong in French anatomy and medical terms, I really didn’t have an idea of most the stuff he was saying. Afterwards he inspected me and told me I had a nice body; I would have sued him if that were back in the states. Ha-ha He checked my blood pressure and pulse afterwards and such, and was stunned at what an athlete I am with my pulse at 47 beats per minute. Ha-ha, I had no idea that was still doing good. I’ve been lucky so far, but it finally got me. It was seriously the worst thing ever, ha-ha. I’ve never been that sick before. The medication does well though, it takes a big toll on the body though, and has a lot of side effects, but it’s either that, or you keep the malaria. They took good care of it though, and by now I’m feeling really good, just super tired. I was surprised that I was able to even go out and work this week, before they found out that I had malaria we had gone out and worked and even done some splits yeah we took some blood tests and others, and the next day we found out that I had Malaria. Oh and it is what everyone talks it up to be. It’s seriously the worst. So they got me on the Coartem, taking the pills every 12 hours for a few days, and by now I’m feeling really well!! I’m pretty exhausted but hey I’m not feeling too bad! The medication really knocks it out, but at the same time knocks out the body, so I spent much of this week sleeping, and sleeping more, then going to the hospital again, but hey now its all pretty good.One part that wasnt too bad with staying in bed all day, was I got to study a ton.. there is nothing better than studying the scriptures! Im thankful that I have had the mission to help teach me that.I had a bad fever and most of the other symptoms but they think that because I have been taking my Doxy, that the Malaria didn’t get as bad as for others sometimes which was a blessing as well! Along with that the couple that we have here in Togo is awesome so they were a big help as well, and took good care of me! 
But yeah along with that the work has slowed down a bit in the secteur due to some problems with the leadership. It is still there though, and while having malaria we were still able to go out and do a split with the missionaries from Souza, which was pretty good as well. On Tuesday we had our zone meeting, which went pretty good, and were hoping that helped the zone a bit. But yeah the elders we have are doing really good as well. We have some great members here like I say every time as well. Along with that I was really happy this past week, as two of our ward missionaries have got their mission calls! One of them will be going to Cote DIvoire, and the other will be serving in this mission (so he will be serving his whole mission in Benin), but yeah it was cool to see them get their calls after having worked with them! Other than that not much is new as most of the week was spent in my bed, in the couples car, and the hospital. So yeah! But all is going well now.
      Thanks a ton for all of the love and support! I’m doing a lot better now; I hope that all is great there also!

                             Elder Oliverson

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