Monday, May 5, 2014

General Conference finally got here.

Bonjour!                                                                                            05/05/2014
This past week has gone pretty well! We haven’t been able to get as much proselyting done as usual due to meetings, but its still been good. We had a good day of lessons the past Tuesday. And there was one that was really interesting. He was a recent convert that was baptized about a month ago. But his story is really cool. The missionaries found him on a morning where they were doing a finding activity. They ended up going house to house. They stopped at one and left a Restoration brochure. The guy looked at it, and was like, hey come on in I have something to show you! The missionaries went in, and on his wall was a framed painting, of the same image that is on the restoration brochure. No one really has any idea where he got that picture, or how, as it is a picture painted by Simon Dewey, or one of the other LDS artists. And the picture somehow ended up in the house of a person in Togo. Ha-ha, But anyways the guy thought it was pretty cool that they had that same picture on a brochure, and decided to follow the lessons, and in just a month or so was baptized with his whole family! I doubt that happened just by chance. That is one of the best things about this area, is all of the member families, and Ami families. There is something special, and a special spirit when you have a family together and helping them understand how they can use the gospel and how it can help them. It’s also really cool to see the difference between a family founded on the gospel, and the ones that aren’t.  At the same time though, as we are less in the city, you find many more people that don’t speak French, and I would say honestly about half of our Amis right now, don’t even speak French, so that’s difficult. Ha-ha, at the same time though they seem to be more humble even, and in turn more accepting. 
On Wednesday we had Zone leader council with President, which was awesome as well! Its nice having that time learning a lot from his wisdom. Along with that we had pizza after so I wasn’t complaining too bad! We had a good lesson from President on charity, and the importance of looking at the heart of people rather than their behavior. Along with that on Friday we had our last normal Zone Conference before President finishes his mission here. It was crazy to think that it will be his last. We will be having a goodbye conference though as well next month, which really will be the last! Along with that Elder Ritchie and my companion gave their last testimonies, as it was their last zone conferences. After that I gave the lesson for the zone, on planning and the importance of fixing goals. I gave a lesson on planning; using the example of the council that Moroni and Teancum did in Alma 52 figuring out how they would take over the city of Mulek. It was a good story though! Zone council was awesome though, that’s one of the best parts of zone leader is being close to President like that. The success in the zone has been going down a little, so my companion and me have been putting in a lot of work to get things going back up! The lesson went well though! 
Then on Saturday we were supposed to have our baptism for Marie, but found out the night before that on Sunday we would be watching general conference at church, as it has finally gotten here. So we had to push that till next week instead. It was really nice though finally getting to see conference! The only problem though was that most of our Amis that came don’t speak French, so as the person talking is a French speaker. They  understood nothing. Ha-ha, luckily though the bishop came and did a little summary in évé at the end. But yeah the work has been going along nice, and it’s a lot busier now it seems! My companion is the best, and we have an awesome time together, and the apartment is really nice too having Elder Potter, and Elder Mou-tham, one of the Tahitians there as well. Me and my comp are planning a fun zone activity next week as well as we found out that pigs aren’t that expensive in our secteur, and that our Tahitian elder knows how to prepare them. So were planning on taking the zone to the beach and eating the pig! And I get to be the one to stab it in the heart, so I’m pretty pumped about that! 
       It’s been good though! I love my companion, he’s towards the end of his mission so he’s getting a little tired, but he’s awesome. He reminds me a lot of Desvergez. The secteur is the best as well!! The only problem though is they will be bringing sisters into the secteur. Which means they will be moving the zone leaders into another secteur, so we'll have to see where they put us.
          I’m really excited to talk to you all though! Thanks for all of the love and support! I love and miss you all a ton!
                                                         Elder Oliverson

Soccer activity

Soccer activity

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