Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorry again about last week with the cyber down.

Bonjour!                                                                                                 11/04/2013
Sorry again about last week with the cyber, it took a week
off. But yeah things have been all right these past couple weeks! When I
got here we really had no Amis, so it’s been a ton of work, super
tough, but its coming along. These past few weeks have been mostly
looking for people by tracking, as it’s a new secteur and there aren’t
any members, but at the same time its been well as we really have
found some people that have been prepared no doubt!  Also we had the
open house and dedication for the new church building here last week
so that was super special! We had a really good turnout and it was
good as well seeing the President and the rest of the missionaries as
its less often we get the chance in Togo! But yeah it was exciting
getting the building dedicated, and making a huge step for the church
there, President Weed was talking about when he was set apart to come
here by Elder Bednar, and how he talked about being the pioneers to
build the foundation for the church here in Togo, and already in two
years they have a building, and hopefully in the next couple months
even a stake, which would be awesome! But yeah things are good. We had
one of the craziest lessons of my life this past week... And being
here I’ve had some of the craziest and strangest lessons ever, but this
one beats them all no doubt. It was a first lesson with a new Amis
so we didn’t really know him to well, so we were just getting
things started out and getting the background done. Then he started
asking us why we came, and what we could do for him, I started to
explain a little bit, but you could no doubt see something was wrong
as he was super on edge.. He then went off about all the problems and
difficulties in his life, so we talked a little bit about the help the
gospel can do for that, but after that, he was just angry, he then
just turned for the worse, and started explaining really what was
going on in his life, he had lost his job for the fifth time, and had
a big house with a family, and nothing to support it, so they had no
power or water, and the people were coming to take his house, he was
furious as he claimed that he lost his job due to a group of some of
his enemies who got him fired, I really have never seen anyone so
mad. He went on to explain the hard feelings he had for god as he was
a religious man and had prayed and god hadn’t helped him at all but had
left him with the problem he has and the kids to take care of... I
could already see things were tough, but no doubt this was one of the
angriest men I had ever seen. Things took a turn for the worse, and
completely lost me, when he went on to explain his next plans which
were as he said to do things the African way, and take out each on of
those men who had wronged him. I was lost for a second and wasn’t
really sure at all what was going on at this point and if I understood
right... He then went on to explain the plans he had to take out these
men and had all the details already. I was stunned and felt so lost
at this point, he explained that if his prayers weren’t answered by the
end of the month, he would have the job done. At this point I had no
clue what to do, but tried to explain stories of the Book of Mormon,
in that God doesn’t always take us out of our trials, but he will
fortify us in helping us make it through them, but he lets them stay
to see our faith and patience, as I could see this wasn’t working at
all, I just started praying in my heart desperately asking what to do,
as I could see there wasn’t anyway I could handle this on my own, I
felt prompted to talk a little bit about the Atonement then, we went
down that path, and we explained that yes, we don’t know how he feels
and really no one does, but there is one person who is Jesus Christ
who knows the same pains and such, as he suffered all of that already
so that he could help us through them, as we were explaining I
seriously saw a miracle, and it wasn’t just spiritually, but you could
physically see the anger in this man leave, he slowly started looking
down and you could see tears start coming in his eyes, this is really
only the second time I’ve ever seen an African cry, and the only time
I’ve ever cried in a lesson.. It was insane how powerful the spirit
came in and touched his heart, things took a complete change, and he
ended up with a deep apology of all he said, and a new commitment to
change, since then he has had the Book of Mormon, and probably the
biggest change I’ve ever seen has coming into someone, its seriously
been incredible. I don’t know if he will ever get baptized but no
doubt that was an insane miracle!! We’ve had some other crazy lessons
this past while, there is a new Nigerian family I’ve been teaching, and
actually the reason they came here is because the dad is a missionary
who has come here to get their church going... I could already see
many problems with this ha-ha, but again, I’ve got to stop doubting the
spirit because we had one of the most amazing first lessons I’ve ever
had with a whole family, it was the best.. I really understand now
what President Weed meant when he remembers from his mission when he
would testify of Joseph Smith and the restoration, he would feel that
testimony reconfirmed, as in that lesson the spirit was insane! It
wasn’t hard to see that at all either, they as well with the family
have been able to get into the Book of Mormon!! And again this past
week we have found a couple guys walking into their house and
seeing a bunch of murals of the Virgin Mary, and finding out they
were big catholic business men wasn’t too uplifting either!! But as the
time before we had left some of the brochures on the restoration and
Joseph Smith, this time around we were doing the follow up on it... I
was stunned to not only find that they read, but he recited completely
almost perfect the story of Joseph Smith, and talked about how great
this story was, and how he felt like he needed to find this Book of
Mormon it talked about... This one was just too golden I was waiting
for some catch to step in ha-ha, but I went into explaining the Book of
Mormon, and he was pleading for how much he could have it, obviously
he got it for free, but things just got better when he asked if it was
possible that he could be re baptized into this church, as he saw the
Catholic church didn’t have authority... Still things are still too
golden with him that I’m waiting for the catch! Ha-ha, but its been
insane, we’ve found multiple others that no doubt have been prepared,
as one who was talking about how he’s been praying desperately for help,
and one day after praying. The Jehovah witness showed up. He though
that was the answer, but as he was talking with them, we awkwardly
walked into the lesson; and he said right then he knew it was us he
needed to be talking to! That guy has posed more questions than
anyone I’ve ever known and again another new golden Amis! But
again things are still very early with all of them, but at the same
time I see that no doubt my prayers have been answered. So things are
great with the work, but still getting started out!! This next week is
Zone conferences so I’m pumped for that!! Here apparently we get a ton
more food so that’ll be fun!! The only problem is Ill be talking with
Sister Weed, as I’m pretty convinced I have worms as well. Yeah I
have all the symptoms, so that’s been awful, and on top of that, I have
Fleas, so that’s been terrible ha-ha. and on top of that, I’ve
had live full body hives, for a week now. The problem was when I
looked at our first aid sheet, I found the three things that we need
to call Sister Weed immediately for are fainting, trouble breathing and
hives... not sure why but I think because its an allergic reaction to
Doxy!! Ha-ha but I figured it’s been a week, we'll be good for a few days
till she gets here. So I’ve been preventing the malaria, by
sacrificing to be super itchy toujour! It’s been all right though!
At least the work is coming along so that’s always good!! Togo is still
the best but hot as ever! We have a new
Amis who’s awesome, who is a big basketball player on the Togo national
team, and is actually going to be going to America to play at a
University in Virginia!! He’s awesome but I'll soon end up giving him to
the American missionaries, which will be strange!! We actually found
him though, because there is a member in Hedzranowoe who plays as well
on the national team, the guy is massive; I’m not use to looking up at
people, it was weird! But yeah, he saw his example and became
Interested! Never doubt the power that the example can have on
someone! Studies have been great as well!! Man I love the Book of
Mormon it’s insane. Ha-ha this church is incredibly true and the Book
of Mormon is as well. OH! And also we got to finally watch two
sessions of conference this past Sunday!! The talks were incredible,
the one from Christofferson on women was awesome and well needed! I
liked a lot as well Elder Packers, and the Prophets, and Elder
Holland’s. Those men are incredible. 
The Church is true and Jesus Christ is leading it today!! I love him so
Thanks again for everything and all of the thoughts and prayers!! I
love and miss you all!! Elder Oliverson

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