Monday, November 18, 2013

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             Things have been all right this past week! It started out with a solid family home evening with one of the Ghanaian families in the branch, the problem was that Landeen and me gave the lesson in English, as that is what they all speak, but none of them understood
any of it because they don’t speak the same English! It was really fun as well and is nice as always to have those. We had a few Amis at church, which is huge for the secteur as they’re the first that have come in about 5 or 6 months, so that was good! Also we had another baptismal date set with a lady, one we searched out that the missionaries had already
talked with, but had a health problem so she had to leave, but now is back, so right now we honestly have some really good Amis, and the work is slowly but surely coming along in the secteur! Also I’m getting a new companion this next week, which is really exciting! It’s Elder
Koaou, he’s another Ivorian that came after me who’s in Benin right now, and should be coming in a few days, so I’m excited for that! The Ivoirians are pretty good; the church is much bigger in Cote DIvoire and Congo, so most the missionaries we get from there have been members for a few years. I’m really excited to get to work with him. The secteur is well though; I finally got a good grasp on it, which is so hard here, as it’s flat, there aren’t really roads so no road signs, and not many landmarks, so it takes time to find your way
around! I really like Togo a lot, and honestly the secteur is pretty good! As always the Branch is great with some amazing members..There is one guy in particular that stuns me, he is in the Elders Quorum Presidency and has a beautiful little family with a bunch of
kids, he’s an amazing member, and is a real member missionary, it was more crazy when he was talking about his conversion story, and when he found the church was true, his parents let him know they would disown him in doing so, sure enough he chose the church first, and hasn’t seen his family since. It was amazing hearing the story, and it was in a lesson about fearing God more than the world and others, and that was an amazing  of example of a sacrifice in doing that! 
    We went down to the beach today with the zone which was a ton of fun! We tried playing soccer, but then realized the sand was too hot so just chilled on the beach.  The beaches here are much better than in Benin and much prettier! It’s so crazy as well, in that when you go to the beach here you are really the only people on the entire beach, if there were a beach like this back in America it would be full! We found a bunch of crabs as well, so I took one for the team and saw if they really do hurt if you get pinched by one. And they do! 
     The work is all-good and the people are so great here. Our Ami that’s the basketball player going to play in America got his visa, so he’ll actually be heading over to America in a little bit! I keep telling him he’s going to die from how cold it is over there, but he just doesn’t understand yet. Its crazy how this is basically one of the poorest country in the world, yet there are random super rich people here, that got big off of diamonds or something I’m not sure. But its sad too to see that there is such a difference in that way! Also I’ve been really grateful for the health the past week!! I finally have energy and can work much better now that I’ve gotten rid of about everything! So that’s been nice!  I don’t know what that fever was, it was terrible though, the sickness lasted almost the week, plus there were worms on top of that, so it was killer. 
     Its a good secteur and there is a lot that can be done, The branch is great,  the only problem is its so far away!  That’s too crazy to think there is snow over there! It sounds like all is great back there though! I love and miss you all a ton! I hope all is great this next week!                                                             Elder Oliverson

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