Monday, November 11, 2013

Zone Conference this past week.

Bonjour!                                                                                                 11/11/2013
This past week has been pretty good!! We had zone conference Tuesday with the Tokoin and Hedzranoe zones so that was good as always! It’s seriously always the best boost to be together with everyone and hear from President Weed and the AP's.. Elder Poll and Shearer bore there goodbye testimonies so that was sad! They’ll be the first Americans I’ve seen go home on my mission! So that’ll be weird for sure. But zone conference was great and was really just centered around finding and working with members, even if its especially difficult here, its what the Prophet asked us to do, so were looking for ways to improve that way! We also got the good old reminders from the handbook as there is a big group of new missionaries now, so were hoping that that will help set a good standard for them. But yeah and finally after months of getting the church security report we got
a alert for our area!! I got a little excited for that one but we found out that there has been a bad cholera outbreak in West Africa and it is centered in Lome, so basically were just supposed to keep doing what we do already in filtering water and such, and we’ll be fine! So I’m hoping that’ll work out! 
      I was able to ask the couple about the rash and what was all going on with that, and Elder Christensen told me right away exactly what medication to get and the concentration amount to get with it... I was amazed all day wondering if he had some revelation or something, till I found out that he was a pharmacist. The rash ended up going away though, not sure still what it was but its gone! I got the worm pills finally too, and it’s incredible how good I feel now that way! I just got used to feeling kind ofcrappy all the time so I feel so good now! Ha-ha so that’s nice. The worst this past week though was the Wednesday morning I woke up with the worst headache I’ve had in my life, and it even killed to move my eyes, I did all I could to get rid of it, but it was terrible, and no doubt that was the most sick that I have been yet on the mission it was terrible... I remember hearing someone mentioning what Elder Leavitt one of the old senior couple missionaries said once, that you can either be miserable in your secteur or you can be miserable in the apartment.... so I went out that day, I got through it alright, and it was one of those things where I hope to go to sleep and wake up fine, but that wasn’t the case.. I woke up and it was even worse and this time there were back aches too.. This wasn’t good at all either considering those are the first big two signs of Malaria, I kept praying though, and was still really sick the rest of the day, but finally after a few days it died out... But man that was miserable for sure! Ha-ha I’ve never been sick like that in my life! Other than that though the work has been good!! Since last week and having found so many new Amis, we’ve been working a lot in that area, and finally after this past week have 4 baptismal dates fixed!!! So it’s good to be able to get back into doing that! Also for this secteur in general, as they have had only one baptism since it has been opened, but its been good.. One of those was the catholic guy, who had all the murals of Virgin Mary painted in his house, he’s a pretty rich guy and works in bigger business as well. We’ve been able to really stress the Book of Mormon with him, and he loves it so much! No doubt that is the best tool and always the best way to go! And one of the best ways to see if someone has started to gain a testimony of it and of our message is when they have the desire then to have everyone they know hear it, so he’s been a big source of contacts for us which has been nice. But still things are young with all of our Amis, a lot could change but things have really started up well with them. But no doubt getting them into the Book of Mormon will help with everything else from Chastity to word of wisdom problems if there are any, so that is going well for sure! Our other aims who was with the Jehovah Witnesses is coming along great as well, and with him as well he’s gaining a love for the Book of Mormon now doubt! I can seriously see how we’ve been blessed a lot in the area of finding people, which has for sure been an answer to prayers, especially in this secteur, but its been really good, and hopefully with these baptisms coming up, many more will come thanks to those.
       The branch here is still amazing! With a few returned missionaries its so strong in the priesthood which has been a huge blessing in general here! One thing I noticed too is the primary; I went in there this past week and man... there were like 30 kids there all sitting in
their chairs listening, it was insane!! The primary is amazing here as well which will be a big boost to the church! Also the primary and the nursery are combined here, so I have to hand it to the leaders there no doubt! The biggest problem now has been getting Ami's
to church as it is so far away from everyone in our secteur, but it’ll work out! 
      This past week was really good too because I got to hear from some old converts, and also I heard from Desvergez, that many of our other Amis that we worked with have been baptized as well back in Gbegamey:) So that was good to hear as well!
    I was also thinking, and realized it’s almost been exactly a year since I received my mission call to come here! Man what a blessing that has been.  I’ve have had to work to get things back in order and going... I got a really cool email though last week from a missionary that came back here to visit, and went back to visit in Gbegamey, and just said how happy he was to see the secteur turned around.. Its possible with this one too no doubt, you can just see that it’s really work and effective work that needs to be done but there is a ton of potential, also with the Baptismal dates that was really comforting to see!  My studies have been really good this past week! And I’ve really been looking a lot into a little about what
you were saying Ryan’s lesson for FHE was on as well, about how Satan’s goal is to bind us up into captivity, but in turn from obedience we can make it so he has no more power over us to tempt us, its incredible how all of that works. Also I remember President Weed telling just about how every time he would bear his testimony on the mission he could feel it reaffirmed, and no doubt its true, that’s the best, whether it’s the Restoration or the Atonement it really does happen. That’s one of the best things to help people understand is the Atonement, because there is such a lack of comprehension here, but to really help people see that God is merciful is the best.  I love and miss you all a ton! I hope all is great back there!
Elder Oliverson

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