Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonjour!                                                                              11/25/2013
Things have been good this past week. We had a lot of dinners this past week as multiple missionaries from the branch are going over to Benin so that was awesome! The best hands down was with the Attiogbes, who are the ones who brought the church here to Togo, and no doubt the strongest family in the church here, The Dad is one of the Counselors of President Weed, and the older son actually served in this mission back when it was part of the Cote D’lvoire mission! So that was awesome!
 But yeah things are good, the new companion got here from Benin just this Friday, we get along really well, so hopefully we'll be able to pick things back up here! Its Elder Kouau, from Cote D’Ivoire. He’s awesome though, and is a newer missionary as well. He actually speaks probably the second most English of all my comps, as Desvergez speaks the most; Kouau speaks a lot because he lived in Ghana for a couple years during the civil war in Cote D’Ivoire. We’ve really broken things down in the secteur and have done much more solid planning to be able to work more efficiently, as the secteur has had such a rough past, but I’m hoping we'll be able to get things going for sure. 
Our Amis are well, we don’t have many right now, but as there is one convert in the secteur, were hopefully going to do all possible to center the work around him to get things up and going. But yeah, Augustine is coming along well, as are the others. Our baptismal dates we had fixed will have to be pushed back a little, as they’ve had a little difficulty coming along but that’s going well! It’s been nice teaching with Kouau as we teach a lot alike, and really well together, so it’s been a lot of fun! Teaching is one of my most favorite things ever, but it’s been tough in the secteur as the problem has been finding those to teach, but hopefully things will get better that way!
 No doubt when you think you’ve learned a lot on the mission, you find out quickly there is a lot more coming up ha-ha. But one of the biggest things I’ve noticed too is how much being with a companion gets you ready for marriage, it takes a lot of patience and selflessness to be able to get along with someone your with all day, every day, but its been a huge blessing for sure! Especially with the big cultural difference between Kouau, and me we both understand that’s there, which is nice and really helps us get along a ton better.  
Togo is good!  Ringworm is not, which I guess aren’t worms, but a fungal infection on my arm. So were getting rid of that right now! Ha-ha it’s good though, I killed a scorpion today in the apartment as well, scariest thing ever though. 
Today was awesome as well; as Thanksgiving is this week me and the Americans in the Zone all got together and decided to make our own Thanksgiving. It was awesome! Ha-ha we had a member go find us some Pheasant bird things, then we took them over to the Attiegou apartment, beheaded them, and prepared them... we had that with some rice, and honestly I was proud of us! It was awesome! If we all get sick tomorrow though we know why. 
I still can’t send pictures... It’s been frustrating but luckily Layton is going home in a few weeks! So he'll have those! I’ll miss him a ton though, as well with Elder Poll!!  The secteur is so tough, but it’s much better with a good comp, because you can be positive and uplifted by him as well.  I miss you all a ton as well so it’ll be nice to get to call home next month! I’m hoping the work will be able to pick up here soon!! So hopefully I will have more next week! I love you all and thanks so much for everything! 
Elder Oliverson

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